The Beginner’s Guide to Fairy Gardens

Looking to lure a bit of luck and magic to your garden or backyard? I recently upgraded my fairy garden in hopes of attracting some cheerful fairies to my homestead.

What actually is a fairy garden? Well, I’m glad you asked. Normally set in your garden or a large pot with actual living plants, fairy gardens often include miniature homes, pathways, furniture, and other fairy-sized odds and ends.

For me, the best thing about fairy gardens is that you can start with just a couple pieces and continuously add pieces to grow this enchanted section of your garden. And obviously the real reason for having one of these gardens is to attract some actual fairies themselves!

What do you need to start a fairy garden?

  1. A fairy house or some sort of cozy structure
  2. A welcoming pathway and sign for fairies to find their way
  3. A cozy area with a bench or pond for fairies to relax in and enjoy the sun or stars
  4. Faith, trust, and pixie dust! (The fairies will bring the dust)
  5. And an added bonus – fairy twinkle lights to add some extra sparkle and ambiance once dusk arrives

Small, but magical, here’s the start to my little fairy garden. (And actually, I don’t really have a garden! So I made due with a mulched area near my potted plants.)

Looking for fairy garden accessories of your own? Browse local gardening shops, gift shops, and even Jo-Ann Fabrics! I just found a ton of cute items at Jo-Ann Fabrics which were on sale.






Word of caution to all fairies: be careful of giant Shibas that might invade and jeopardize the serenity of your cottage grounds.




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