Special Look at Disney’s Live-Action Aladdin

Disney just released new footage from the upcoming live-action Aladdin remake… and the internet is chattering with opinions!

I’ve already shared how excited I am to hear the music from this new Aladdin remake, after all, the original Disney classic has some of the best Disney songs, so it should be no surprise that this movie made the list for my 19 movies and shows to look forward to in 2019.

And this special Aladdin footage does not disappoint on the soundtrack!

Okay, let’s break this trailer down.

Iago, Jafar, and the Cave of Wonders… where Aladdin’s troubles and adventure all began.

Aladdin, Abu, and the flying carpet. Okay, pause, the flying carpet looks and moves just like the cartoon! 🙂

Princess Jasmine and a colorful Agrabah parade — *cue Prince Ali music.*

A magic lamp and the Genie… okay, Will Smith really is blue! Seriously, blue! I knew he was going to be, but still! He certainly has big shoes to fill in this role, and the internet is torn on what to make of him in this trailer.

What are your initial reactions? Are you excited for this live-action remake? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

About Disney’s Live-Action Aladdin

A thrilling and vibrant live-action adaptation of Disney’s animated classic, “Aladdin” is the exciting tale of the charming street rat Aladdin, the courageous and self-determined Princess Jasmine and the Genie who may be the key to their future. Directed by Guy Ritchie, who brings his singular flair for fast-paced, visceral action to the fictitious port city of Agrabah, “Aladdin” is written by John August and Ritchie based on Disney’s “Aladdin.” The film stars Will Smith as the Genie; Mena Massoud as Aladdin; Naomi Scott as Jasmine; Marwan Kenzari as Jafar; Navid Negahban as the Sultan; Nasim Pedrad as Dalia; Billy Magnussen as Prince Anders; and Numan Acar as Hakim.

“Aladdin” is produced by Dan Lin, p.g.a., and Jonathan Eirich, p.g.a., with Marc Platt and Kevin De La Noy serving as executive producers. Eight-time Academy Award®-winning composer Alan Menken provides the score, which includes new recordings of the original songs written by Menken and Oscar®-winning lyricists Howard Ashman and Tim Rice and includes two new songs written by Menken and Oscar and Tony Award®-winning songwriters Benj Pasek and Justin Paul.

Aladdin arrives in theatres everywhere on May 24!

Images and footage courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures.



  1. February 12, 2019 / 12:44 pm

    The live action version of my favorite Disney movies are always hit-or-miss for me. I think I’m going to like this one though! Aladdin was my favorite movie as a kid, so I hope I enjoy this one.

  2. February 12, 2019 / 6:36 pm

    I saw the preview from a friend who LOVES everything Disney, and I am honestly so excited. This is one of my favorite Disney movies growing up, so this is on my list to see for sure. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Clare Kennedy
    February 12, 2019 / 7:17 pm

    i’m excited! i wish i could go see it in the theaters with YOU!

  4. February 12, 2019 / 7:48 pm

    I am so pumped for this movie. My favorite Disney princess is Jasmine. So this movie better not disappoint lol

  5. February 12, 2019 / 7:57 pm

    I am really excited about seeing this movie. Aladdin is probably one of my favorite Disney movies. This looks so fun!

  6. February 12, 2019 / 8:17 pm

    Ahhhhh I’m practically squealing with excitement over here. I cannot WAIT for this movie to come out!

  7. February 13, 2019 / 6:47 am

    There’s a special place in my heart for the original, so this one has some pretty big shoes to fill. However, I am definitely looking forward to seeing how they pull it off – it does look pretty good!

  8. February 13, 2019 / 1:43 pm

    I’m really excited for this!! I’ve actually really enjoyed most of the live actions, and this one looks visually beautiful. Aladdin was my favorite as a kid so I can’t wait for this 🙂

  9. February 13, 2019 / 8:41 pm

    I don’t think I have seen any of the live action remakes, and I’m ok with that. I like the originals so I’d rather just watch the originals, and I haven’t seen any footage that’s made me really want to see this one unfortunately.

  10. February 13, 2019 / 10:02 pm

    I’m excited for it! I think I’m really looking forward to the visuals and the costumes. I feel like people are being way too hard on Will Smith – he was only in the trailer for a few seconds! I know Robin Williams was amazing but we need to give someone else a chance too.

  11. February 20, 2019 / 6:57 pm

    While Aladdin isn’t my favorite Disney movie (the Tiger/Cave of Wonder has left me scarred to this day), I’m excited to see the live action and honestly I don’t think Will Smith looks bad as Genie (CGI or no).

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