Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer and Character Posters

Wonder Woman is back (in 1984) with a new trailer and character posters, serving as our first official look of Wonder Woman 1984.

Her hair is bigger (it’s the 80s!), her suit is golder, and the stakes will likely be bigger.

What is Wonder Woman 1984 About?

Not much is know about the plot of Wonder Woman 1984, but now that we’ve had our first trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 — the sequel to 2017’s record-breaking Wonder Woman which made over $822 million in box offices worldwide — we know a few things for sure.

While the first Wonder Woman film took place in 1918, the sequel is jumping forward in time to 1984. Packed full of 80s references, WW 1984 looks to be full of pant suits, big hair, malls, stereos, and more.

Steve Trevor, played by Chris Pine, is ALIVE?! While movie photos of Steve from the film were released several months ago, we still don’t know. much about how this is possible. Last we saw, Steve was saving the day so that Diana could save the world. He went down with the ship… but now he’s back.

“I can save today, you can save the world.” — Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman will face two all-new foes — Max Lord and The Cheetah. Max Lord is played be Pedro Pascal — who also plays The Mandalorian and Oberyn Martell from Game of Thrones — and, man, I didn’t even recognize him at first in the trailer! Not until I took a look at some still shots did I start to see it was him.

The Cheetah is played by Kristen Wiig, and, thus far, we haven’t seen too much of her in the trailer or movie photos. But I think that’s a good thing! I cannot wait to see how Kristen Wiig portrays this character, but I’d love to wait until I see the movie in theaters to see how she embraces this character on screen.

Wonder Woman, aka Diana Prince, has an AMAZING new gold suit… with wings?! I need to know more!

Antiope, played by Robin Wright, and Hippolyta, played by Connie Nielsen, will return in Wonder Woman 1984.

Patty Jenkins is back as the director.

Wonder Woman 1984 will hit theaters on June 5, 2020. Until then, enjoy these brilliant character posters.





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