The Funniest Quotes from The Main Event on Netflix

Packed full of WWE Superstars and tons of fun wrestling references, Netflix’s The Main Event is a must-watch for any wrestling fan!

Leo, an 11-year old wrestling fan, dreams of becoming a WWE Superstar, and when he finds a magical mask that makes him stronger, faster, and even makes his voice a little deeper, his dream starts to become a reality when he enters a competition to become the next WWE Superstar.

Watch The Main Event, now streaming on Netflix, and enjoy these fun quotes! Trust me, you’ll be smiling the whole way through the movie.

The Funniest Quotes from Netflix’s The Main Event

You know what they say, “Monday is one step closer to Friday.” I read that on Instagram. — Denise // You’re on Instagram? — Leo // Yes! I’ve got 300 followers! Your grandma’s about to be an influencer. — Denise

Nice choice of t-shirt. Hi Kofi. How’re you doing? — Denise // Can you do me a favor and not flirt with my T-shirts? — Leo

I’m passionate about many things. Snorkeling, slam poetry, wondering if Ariana Grande ever thinks her ponytail to a little too high. — Caleb

I fear for our future. — Ms. Cartwright

Your granny got hands. — Denise

You go, Big E! Ooh, don’t let him hurt that big, beautiful, sexy body. — Denise // You’re so weird. — Leo

I wish I could be as strong as Kofi. Everything would be so much better. — Leo

Life isn’t all about being strong. Well, not physically at least. Gotta be strong mentally, and emotionally. Trust me, that’s what matters. — Denise

This is where Big E makes his pecs bounce. Up and down, up and down. — Denise

Are you ready to face the man of the hour? The man with the power, the guy who’s too sweet to be sour? — Leo

Legend has it that this mask’s mystical powers only work for competitors who are truly deserving of its magic. The mask itself decides who is worthy. The mask was last seen 50 years ago. — Leo reading from online article about legendary wrestling mask

Miz, you made the right choice. Because I’m the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. Chaos rules! — Leo as Kid Chaos

No lassos this time, Tiny Dancer. Just you and me. Watchu gonna do? — Otis

Ew! The match just started. How are you so sweaty. — Kid Chaos // Don’t ask questions you don’t want answers to. — Otis

The lighting is better over here. My followers demand excellence. — Denise

What if Kid Chaos is actually just Kevin Hart in a mask, researching a new role? Maybe he’s a method actor. — Riyaz

I can’t believe we’re friends with a superhero. You’re like Spider-Man! Miles Morales Spider-Man, not Tom Holland Spider-Man. Or Andrew Garfield. Or Tobey Maguire. — Riyaz

Come next week, I’m going to bring a dictionary to the ring cause I’m going to teach Samson a new word — CHAOS! — Kid Chaos

I thought the mask would make everything better. I thought it was going to fix things, but I was wrong. — Leo

The magical mask is not what makes you strong. Real strength comes from here [points to Leo’s head]… and here [points to Leo’s heart]. — Denise

We’ve been talking and we decided you can’t really judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his mask. — Erica


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