The Best Mulan (2020) Quotes

Mulan is now available to stream on Disney+ with premier access! I’ve already watched it 1.5 times (I know, I know, I do plan to finish it a second time) and it was breathtaking. Read my review for my thoughts on the live-action Mulan movie (spoiler-free).

Of course, Mulan was filled with epic quotes. I’ve gathered my favorite ones from the new 2020 live-action Mulan movie below, but if you haven’t watched the movie yet, there could be some spoilers below! You’ve been warned!

There have been many tales of the great warrior, Mulan. But, ancestors, this one is mine. Here she is. A young shoot, all green, unaware of the blade. If you had such a daughter, her chi, the boundless energy of life itself, speaking through her every motion, could you tell her that only a son could wield chi? That a daughter would risk shame, dishonor, exile? Ancestors, I could not. — Zhou (Mulan’s Father)

Your chi is strong, Mulan. But chi is for warriors, not daughters. Soon, you’ll be a young woman and it is time for you to hide your gift away. To… to silence its voice. I say this to protect you. That is my job. Your job is to bring honor to the family. — Zhou  (Mulan’s Father)

Remember what you want. A place where your powers will not be vilified. A place where you are accepted for who you are. You won’t get what you want without me. — Böri Khan to Xianniang

I will bring honor to us all. — Mulan

The fiercest winter storm cannot destroy this makeup. — Mulan

Quiet. Composed. Graceful. Elegant. Poised. Polite. These are the qualities we see in a good wife. These are the qualities we see in Mulan. When a wife serves her husband, she must be silent. She must be invisible. She must be… is something wrong?! — Matchmaker

I am blessed with two daughters. I will fight. — Zhou (Mulan’s Father)

I am the father. It is my place to bring honor to our family on the battlefield. You are the daughter! Learn your place. — Zhou (Mulan’s Father) to Mulan

It’s beautiful. — Mulan about her father’s sword // Beautiful tool for terrible work. — Zhou (Mulan’s Father)

I wish I was as brave as you. — Mulan // There is no courage without fear. — Zhou (Mulan’s Father)

Loyal, brave, and true. — Mulan

The chi pervades the universe and all living things. We are all born with it. But only the most true will connect deeply to his chi and become a great warrior. Tranquil as a forest, but one fire within. — Commander Tung

There’s no shame in being fearful before battle. In fact, it’s a testament to your honesty that you confess such doubt. — Commander Tung

You’re a witch. — Mulan // Am I? And who are you? — Xianniang // I’m Hua Jun. Soldier in the emperor’s Imperial Army. — Mulan // Liar. Your deceit weakens you. It poisons your chi. I ask again, who are you. — Xianniang  // I’m Hua Jun. Soldier in the emperor’s Imperial Army. — Mulan // Then you will die pretending to be something you’re not. — Xianniang

And Hua Jun did die. For a lie can only live so long. But Mulan, Mulan lived. — Zhou (Mulan’s father)

You can never go home. Your disgrace is worse than death. I understand. I was a girl like you when people turned on me. You don’t think I longed for a noble path? I’ve lived a life of exile. No country, no village, no family. We are the same. — Xianniang // We’re not. — Mulan // We are. The more power I showed, the more I was crushed. Just like you. You saved them today and still they turned on you. You are just at the beginning of your power. Merge your path with mine. We will be stronger together. — Xianniang

Join me. We will take our place together. — Xianniang // I know my place. And it is my duty to fight for the kingdom and protect the emperor. — Mulan

Hua Mulan, your actions have brought disgrace and dishonor to this regiment, to this kingdom, and to your own family. But your loyalty and bravery are without question. — Commander Tung

Impossible. A woman leading a man’s army. — Xianniang // You were right. We are the same. — Mulan // With one difference. They accept you, but they will never accept me. — Xianniang // You told me my journey was impossible. Yet here I stand. Proof that there is a place for people like us. — Mulan // No. It’s too late for me. — Xianniang // You can still take the noble path. It’s not too late. Please. I need your help. — Mulan

Rise up. You are a mighty warrior like a phoenix. Rise up. Fight for the kingdom and its people. — Emperor to Mulan

Forgive me, Father. I stole your horse. I stole your sword. I stole your armor. And the sword… I lost it. The sword is gone. Now I understand how much that sword means to you. — Mulan // It is my daughter that means everything to me. And it is I should apologize. My foolish pride drove you away. One warrior knows another. You were always there, yet I see you for the first time. — Zhou (Mulan’s Father)

She has brought honor to her ancestors, to her family, to her village, and to her country. — Commander Tung

The green shoot has grown up to the sky, and her ancestors celebrate her in the vault of the heavens. The girl became a soldier. The soldier became a leader. And the leader became a legend. — Zhou (Mulan’s father)

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