Star Wars Nursery Tour: Decor Ideas for Your Young Padawan

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Planning a Star Wars nursery for your Jedi-in-training? Well, you’ve come to the right place for inspiration and ideas for Star Wars themed nursery decor! Both my husband and I share a love of Star Wars, so this theme was an easy decision for our little one’s room. Below you’ll find photos of our Star Wars nursery, as well as some additional ideas that would look great in a Star Wars room.

Star Wars Nursery Ideas

We recently finished renovating the floors of our son’s Star Wars room with help from Underfloor Heating Screed Experts, and in the process, I searched all over the internet for the best Star Wars items for a baby’s room. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of options out there, but I really wanted the room to look nice and not be decorated entirely with cartoon versions of the characters. In essence, I wanted a classy Star Wars theme for the room.

Please know, you don’t have to break the bank to pull together an awesome Star Wars room! If you’re a Star Wars fan, I’m sure you have favorite collectibles and items from your own collection that you can use in a themed space. That’s what I did, and I love how the new and old items came together!

Star Wars Nursery Ideas

When planning a Star Wars themed nursery design, you can add a few Star Wars items or a whole lot! That said, below you can find all of my favorite Star Wars baby room and supply items that I discovered through my research. Pick a few for a subtle Star Wars room or add more for an over-the-top galactic space.

p.s. Want to see a video tour of our Star Wars nursery? Watch my Instagram Reel to see it live!

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Star Wars Accent Wall and Wall Mural Ideas

A Star Wars accent wall is a great way to cover a large space with a central piece of art. Star Wars accent walls can also be a DIY project or a peel-and-stick wallpaper that you purchase.

I always had the idea to get crafty and make some sort of Death Star wall print for an accent wall, whether that be with paint or vinyl, but, well, I simply did not have the time to do that with our son being so young and moving houses at the same time (I wish we had just hired moving helpers while we were moving). 

I found an AMAZING Star Wars mural for our nursery that features Ralph McQuarrie’s Millennium Flacon docking bay concept art. It is themed, subtle, classy and a conversation starter for sure. It could really go in any room of the house and does not look childish. It was also relatively easy to hang up on the wall! (I say relatively because with any peel-and-stick option you really do need to take your time to avoid bubbles and gaps.)

Anyone who visits our home or sees a photo of the room always comments on this Star Wars mural. It gets a 10/10 from me.

Star Wars wall mural for nursery

Star Wars accent wall for nursery

Pictured above: Ralph McQuarrie Star Wars Concept Art of Millennium Falcon Docking Bay

Here are some additional Star Wars accent walls that are quite amazing.

Star Wars Wall Murals

  1. Ralph McQuarrie Millennium Falcon Docking Bay Concept Art Wall Mural
  2. Hyperspace Wall Mural
  3. Interior Millennium Falcon Wall Mural
  4. Star Wars Original Trilogy Collage Wall Mural
  5. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Wall Mural

Star Wars Wall Decor, Art and Nursery Prints

I love searching for cute, unique wall art on Etsy and have been saving some inspiration for a Star Wars wall collage for awhile. This is one area that was a bit more challenging, however, because I was rather picky on the style of art that we selected. As I mentioned above, I didn’t want the art and other pieces in the room to be too childish, but rather more minimal.

Star Wars nursery decor

Star Wars nursery sign with name

Pictured above: Death Star Name Sign from Hidden Hollow Creates on Etsy

Star Wars art for kids room

Pictured above: Star Wars Alphabet Poster from Bright Eyes Art Design on Etsy

Star Wars nursery decor

Pictured Above: Droids and Stormtrooper art from Asia Draws on Etsy

If you have some Star Wars toys that are not safe for babies due to small pieces, consider using them for decor as long as they are safely out of reach and just for display purposes. We had a collection of Star Wars action figures that we’ve purchased and received over the years. We added them all to a shadow box to keep them safely out of reach, but they make a unique wall piece!

Star Wars shadow box action figures display

Here are some additional Star Wars art options that I love.

Star Wars Wall Decor for Nursery

Star Wars Nursery Wall Decor

  1. Baby Yoda Macrame
  2. Millennium Falcon Botany Art
  3. Endor Forest Art
  4. Star Wars Landscape Minimalist Prints
  5. R2-D2 Minimalist Print
  6. Twinkle Twinkle Little Start Print
  7. Women of Star Wars Minimalist Print
  8. May the Force Be With You Print
  9. Star Wars Watercolor Map Art
  10. Custom Wood Star Wars Name
  11. Ewok Minimalist Prints
  12. R2-D2 and C-3PO Minimalist Print (not pictured)

Star Wars Blankets, Bedding and Crib Sheets

Star Wars blankets with Baby Yoda, R2-D2, and C-3PO? Yes, please! There are so many cute baby blankets with Star Wars characters and themes. Plus, there are sheets for baby’s crib, drool rags, changing table pad covers, you name it. You’ll want extra on hand, too, especially in the early days when it feels like you’re always doing laundry! It’s nice to have an extra sheet, blanket, etc. that is clean and ready to go.

Star Wars Baby Blanket from Pottery Barn

Star Wars Baby Blankets and Bedding

Star Wars Nursery Blankets and Crib Sheets

  1. Star Wars Patchwork Baby Blanket
  2. Rebels Rule Fitted Crib Sheet
  3. Star Wars Rebels Soft Sherpa Baby Blanket
  4. Grogu Fleece Baby Blanket
  5. Star Wars Sky Fitted Crib Sheet
  6. Grogu Heirloom Blanket
  7. Grogu Baby Quilt
  8. The Child Fitted Crib Sheet
  9. Millennium Falcon Soft Sherpa Baby Blanket
  10. The Force Knit Baby Blanket
  11. Grogu Fitted Crib Sheet
  12. Star Wars Quilt

Star Wars Mobiles

Mobiles are both a cute and functional addition! Our son loves watching his Star Wars mobile with the Millennium Falcon, C-3PO, R2-D2 and Chewie characters that go around over his crib.

Star Wars nursery mobile

Star Wars mobile for nursery

Pictured above: Musical Millennium Falcon Mobile from Lambs & Ivy

Star Wars Crib Mobiles

  1. Musical Millennium Falcon Crib Mobile
  2. Musical The Child/Baby Yoda Crib Mobile

Star Wars Pillows

Star Wars themed pillows can be a cute option to have lying around for decor and for baby to prop up on and crawl around on once they are older! I added a Millennium Falcon throw pillow to our rocking chair.

Star Wars pillow for nursery

Star Wars Pillow for Baby's Room

  1. Rule the Galaxy Light Up Pillow
  2. Mandalorian Helmet Pillow
  3. Baby Yoda/Grogu Pillow
  4. The Force is Strong With This Little One Pillow
  5. Wampa Cuddleez

Star Wars Swaddles, Changing Pad Covers, and Burp Cloths

Having lots or swaddle blankets, an extra changing pad cover, and burp cloths will certainly in handy. We were gifted some of the Pottery Barn swaddle sets and I love them. I used them both to wrap up baby in the early days to provide extra warmth and a snug, comfy fit, but I also use them as backdrops for our monthly photo sessions.

Star Wars Swaddles for Baby

Star Wars Wearable Blankets for Baby

    1. Precious Cargo Milk Snob Cover
    2. Grogu/Baby Yoda Swaddle Set
    3. Millennium Falcon Changing Pad Cover
    4. Star Wars Padawans Milk Snob Cover
    5. Star Wars Muslin Swaddle Set
    6. Star Wars Muslin Wearable Blanket
    7. Star Wars Darth Vader Wearable Blanket
    8. Baby Yoda Wearable Blanket and Lovey Gift Set
    9. R2-D2 Wearable Blanket
    10. Chewbacca Wearable Blanket (not pictured)

Star Wars Lamps and Night Lights

We included this nice Star Wars Yoda lamp that I received as a gift a few years ago. I loved having it in our own bedroom, but it now fits perfectly in our nursery! 

Star Wars lamp for nursery

Pictured above: Yoda lamp from The Bradford Exchange

I also had this color-changing Millennium Falcon light (pictured below in bottom left shelf) that I sometimes add as a night light, as well as this cute R2-D2 wall plug-in.

Star Wars Nursery Decor Ideas

Pictured above: color-changing Millennium Falcon night light

Star Wars Night Light

Pictured above: R2-D2 Night light 

Star Wars Lamps

Star Wars Nursery Lamps

  1. Star Wars Yoda Lamp
  2. Star Wars Grogu/Baby Yoda Lamp
  3. Star Wars Glow-in-the-Dark Stormtrooper Lamp
  4. Star Wars Lightsaber Lamp
  5. Star Wars R2-D2 Lamp
  6. Grogu/Baby Yoda Lamp
  7. Star Wars R2-D2 Lamp
  8. Death Star Wall Decor/Lamp
  9. Star Wars Millennium Falcon Lamp

Star Wars Baby Toys and Loveys

For Star Wars toys, I mostly included pieces from my personal collection.

Star Wars Galactic Pals are an adorable collection of baby Star Wars characters! How adorable are they?! Characters include a Rodian (aka Baby Greedo), Wookiee, Jawa, Ewoks, and hopefully more will be added soon.

Additionally, a cute Grogu (aka Baby Yoda) plush is a must if you’re a Mandalorian fan. Whatever characters you choose, one nice way to display the Star Wars stuffed animals is in a basket that hangs on the wall. This creates both a display area for them and keeps them out of baby’s reach until you want them to have them.

Star Wars baby toys

The Star Wars Build-a-Bear collection is also a fun option! Prior to our son’s arrival, we chose to order the Bantha (it’s an online exclusive) and took it to the store to stuff it and fill it with hearts (and love). It was a fun activity to do prior to baby’s arrival and now it fits perfectly in baby’s room.

Star Wars Bantha Build-a-Bear

I purchased this Baby Yoda lovey when I found out I was pregnant. I knew it was a must-have for our little one (even before I was planning this Star Wars nursery).

Star Wars Lovey

Pictured above: Star Wars Baby Yoda/Grogu Lovey from Hallmark

Star Wars Toys for Kids

Star Wars Loveys for Babies

  1. Star Wars Galactic Pals Rodian
  2. Star Wars Galactic Pals Wookiee
  3. Star Wars Galactic Pals Ewok in Pink
  4. Star Wars Galactic Pals Jawa
  5. Star Wars Galactic Pals Ewok in Orange
  6. Baby Yoda Lovey and Swaddle Set
  7. Star Wars Grogu Plush
  8. Star Wars Grogu Plush
  9. Baby Yoda Lovey

Star Wars Baby Books

Star Wars children’s books are a must for nighttime reading sessions. Grab a few for your nursery and display a few as decor that are your favorites!

Star Wars baby books

Pictured above: A Jedi You Will Be

Star Wars Baby Books

    1. A Jedi You Will Be
    2. Star Wars Little Golden Book Library (I am a…)
    3. Star Wars Board Book: 100 Words Every Fan Should Know
    4. Goodnight Darth Vader
    5. ABC-3PO
    6. Star Wars 10-Button Board Book
    7. Star Wars Little Golden Book Library (Episodes I-VI)
    8. Obi-123
    9. Star Wars Creatures Big and Small
    10. Rey and Pals
    11. This is the Way
    12. I am a Hero (not pictured)

Star Wars Rugs

There are so many cute Star Wars rugs that can be included in a Star Wars nursery.

If you’re looking for a rug in a certain size that is easy to wash, check out Ruggable’s Star Wars collection! While I did not include a rug in our nursery due to it being carpeted, we do have one of the Star Wars rugs from Ruggable in our living room and we love it.

If you’re looking for an accent rug, I am obsessed with this wampa rug and have it on my wish list to add to our nursery!

Star Wars Nursery Rugs

    1. Star Wars Ruggable Corellian Ikat Rug
    2. Star Wars Wampa Rug
    3. Star Wars Ruggable Scenes Rug
    4. Star Wars Ruggable Millennium Falcon/R2-D2 Rug
    5. The Mandalorian The Child Rug
    6. Star Wars Ruggable Resistance Rug
    7. Millennium Falcon Rug
    8. Death Star Rug (not pictured)
    9. Baby Yoda/Grogu Play Mat (not pictured)

Star Wars Clocks

While it might be a little bit before baby is telling time, I do like having a clock in our nursery so that I can keep track of time during quiet hours without pulling out my phone.

Star Wars Clocks

  1. Death Star Clock
  2. Baby Yoda/Grogu Star Wars Clock
  3. The Child Star Wars Clock
  4. Star Wars Vinyl Clock
  5. Star Wars The Child Desk Clock
  6. Star Wars Illuminated Clock with Poster Art

Star Wars Baskets and Organization

You can never go wrong with having extra baskets and organizers! From toys to diapers, burp cloths and more, there is always something that needs a place to be stored. I was gifted this Baby Yoda storage cube and I just love how it looks on our big IKEA cubicle shelf.

Star Wars cubicle storage basket

Star Wars Nursery Baskets

  1. Star Wars The Child/Baby Yoda Basket
  2. Star Wars The Mandalorian Basket Set
  3. Darth Vader Star Wars Basket
  4. Star Wars Galaxy Basket
  5. R2-D2 Star Wars Basket
  6. Baby Yoda/The Child Basket Set

Are you planning a Star Wars nursery? Let me know what ideas and plans you have for your little Jedi in the comments!


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