OOTD: Belle of the Office

I don’t think it should come as much of a surprise that Belle is my favorite Disney princess.

With a dreamy, far-off look. And my nose stuck in a book…. was basically how I spent my time as a child and teenager. (And I don’t regret it!)

I grew up in a little town… *cue music*

And apart from our small town upbringing and love of reading, Belle has also shared a very special moment in my life– my hubby’s and my marriage proposal! (That’s another story for another time.)

So when I found this Beauty and the Beast blouse from Box Lunch, I knew that it was perfect for me.

Geek Chic Fashion.jpg

Belle Blouse.jpg

I  just love how the modest cut and black bow add an element of class to this Disney item. Plus, the Disney-influence is subtle enough that you can wear it to work or out to brunch on the weekend without feeling like you’re headed to WDW.

My office is business casual, so I wore this blouse with dress slacks and a black sweater (it’s winter and freezing). And if you’re worried that the character stitching is a little much for your work environment, do the same! Throw on a black sweater and let the rose collar and black bow shine on their own.

Box Lunch Beauty and the Beast Shirt.jpg

And yes, I know Harry Potter and Beauty and the Beast aren’t technically in the same universe… but then again, they kinda are! Emma Watson played both Hermione and Belle, and that’s pretty epic in my opinion.

Beauty and the Beast Shirt.jpg

I styled this Belle of the Office look for the Geeky Fashion Blogger Alliance‘s January style challenge. Find more Disney and geek chic fashion inspiration on their Instagram from some of my favorite geeky bloggers. You won’t be disappointed!


19 thoughts on “OOTD: Belle of the Office

  1. Emma says:

    You look amazing. I love seeing how people encorporate their favourite fandoms into their work attire, especially when they work in an office and the dress code is usually on the formal side. This is the most perfect blouse for that. Also, Belle is totally my fave as well.

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