2020 NYE Avengers Headband

Happy New Year’s Eve!

Ever since I received my Cricut cutting machine for Christmas two years ago, it’s become a tradition for me to make my own NYE headband — with a geeky twist, of course!

The first year I made a 2018 Star Wars NYE headband following the theatrical release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi in December of 2017. (This one is probably still my favorite to this day!)

Last year I made a 2019 Game of Thrones NYE headband because — brace yourselves — the Game of Thrones finale was coming later on in the year.

For 2020 headband themes, I received a lot of great ideas from my friends on Instagram. From Harry Potter to Disney, DC, Star Wars, Tron, and more, I had many great suggestions to choose from!

I decided to go with… *drumroll please*… an Avengers-themed headband! As a huge Marvel lover, I knew I had to pick this theme eventually. And while 2019 was an EPIC year for MCU fans with Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man: Far From Home, AND Captain Marvel, I know 2020 will bring great things, too, as we enter this next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

2019 — I love you 3,000.

2020 — let’s see what you have in store!

Make Your Own Avengers New Year’s Eve Headband

What You Need:

  • Plastic headband
  • Silver glitter cardstock paper
  • Black cardstock paper
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
  • Regular glue stick
  • 2020 Avengers Cutout Files — DOWNLOAD 1 (top piece) & DOWNLOAD 2 (bottom piece)
  • Cricut Explore Air II (or a similar machine) and cutting accessories (mat, weeder, scraper)

First, download the 2020 Avengers files (found in the list above) and load them into Cricut Design Space.

Size the top piece (with visible numbers and logos) at 7.65 inches width and cut it out on your black cardstock paper. Weed the pieces off of your mat and set aside.

Size the bottom piece (which serves as the background of the headband) at 8.73 inches width and cut it out on your silver glitter cardstock paper. Weed the pieces off of your mat and set aside.

Use your regular glue stick to glue each black number on top of the corresponding silver number, centering it so that there is equal glitter showing on all edges.

TIP: Place the glued numbers between the pages of a heavy book while they dry for several minutes to help the top pieces stick to the glitter cardstock paper.

Next, fold the tabs on the silver glitter cardstock to create “stands” for each of the numbers.

Place a small dot of hot glue on the bottom of each “stand” and press each of the numbers to your headband at your desired placement. Let the glue dry entirely and then you’re ready to try on your 2020 NYE headband.



  1. January 2, 2020 / 7:21 pm

    This is super cute! I love seeing the past year’s versions as well. This is so much more creative and fun than the glasses everyone wears.

  2. January 2, 2020 / 10:25 pm

    This is so cool! My boyfriend would have loved this! Every year we do a themed party and I have a feeling that a marvel one will be coming up soon 🙂

  3. January 3, 2020 / 2:48 am

    You are so creative!! I love all of them!!! They are so cute! and I love how you keep with the tv/movie themes!!!

  4. MomentsWMags
    January 3, 2020 / 10:47 pm

    You did an amazing job! So glad you shared this DIY.

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