In the Hall of the Mountain King [Board Game Recommendation]

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I grew up in a family that loved to play games. From UNO to Scrabble, Balderdash, Monopoly (when I could convince people to play), and Clue, we enjoyed all of the classics.

But oh how the tables have turned! My husband and I are back to playing a lot of board games — but forget the classics! While I would love to pull out my Disney Monopoly, we are turning into board game snobs. And our collection is quickly growing!

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One of my favorite games is In the Hall of the Mountain King by Burnt Island Games.

Game Overview

So there’s the official description…

After years of exile, we can finally return to our ancestral home. As Trolls, it’s our duty to uncover the statues of ancient leaders and restore our kingdom to its former glory! In In the Hall of the Mountain King you spend turns digging into the heart of the mountain or recruiting Trolls to join your workforce. By repairing the mountain, you earn glory and can take your place as the new King of the Trolls.
Burnt Island Games

And then there is my version!

In the Hall of the Mountain King is a terrific combination of two of my favorite things — The Hobbit and Tetris. Okay, that is totally an unofficial description. This game is not affiliated with either of those fandoms/games, but it definitely reminds me of both and I love it even more for that!

Recruit strong, resourceful Trolls from the horde for your Trollsmoot, which will supply you with resources to cast spells, dig tunnels, and ultimately dedicate Great Halls, helping you to receive the most honour to be named The Mountain King.

Dig the most strategic and honour-generating tunnels with eight types of Tetris-like tiles. But more than a puzzle that you have to solve, you must also manage your resources to be able to dig your tunnels, helping to score both honour and additional treasure.

In the Hall of the Mountain King can be played with up to five people, however, my husband and I have only played it with each other — so far.  But the great news is that we love this game for two people. We can also imagine how fun and competitive it will be with more players fighting for resources and territory.

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