The Main Event on Netflix is Full of WWE Cameos and Life Lessons

Whether you’re a lifelong pro wrestling fan or you’re just looking for a lighthearted feel-good movie to watch, The Main Event on Netflix will leave you with a smile.

WWE Superstar Cameos

My husband has been a WWE fan since he was a child, and when we started dating, I was quickly introduced to the WWE Universe! We watch a lot of wrestling in our house each week, so for us, this movie was of interest right away.

The new Netflix film The Main Event has many tie-ins to the WWE Universe, and will definitely appeal to pro wrestling fans with tons of references to the wrestling industry and a plethora of cameos by WWE Superstars, including Kofi Kingston, The Miz, Sheamus, Renee Young, Corey Grave, Keith Lee, Otis, Mia Yim, and Eric Bugez.

But The Main Event is also the story of an underdog facing relatable challenges that both wrestling fans and non-wrestling fans will connect with.

About The Main Event

Leo, an 11-year old wrestling fan, dreams of becoming a WWE Superstar, and when he finds a magical mask that makes him stronger, faster, and even makes his voice a little deeper, his dream starts to become a reality when he enters a competition as Kid Chaos to become the next WWE Superstar. But can he fool the world and win it all? Remember, he’s an 11-year-old going up against trained pro wrestlers! Things are bound to get a little complicated for both Leo and Kid Chaos…

Big Dreams and Relatable Life Challenges

Right from the start I liked Leo. He’s an adorable kid with a big heart and positive outlook on life. He faces his fair share of relatable challenges, from bullying to changing family dynamics, and he quickly learns real strength does not come from a mask, but from his heart and mind.

Acknowledging Every Wrestling Fan’s Inner Thoughts

One of my favorite things about The Main Event was that they touched on many questions I’ve always had as a wrestling spectator! For example, when a match starts, how are certain wrestlers already so sweater? (I’ve asked my husband this so many times!)

From crushing on Kofi Kingston to commenting on Big E’s “bouncing” pecs, Denise, Leo’s spunky grandmother — scratch that, upcoming influencer — also is hilarious to watch and she does not hold her wrestling opinions back!

Will adults enjoy The Main Event or is it just for kids?

Of course, there are a few fart jokes. Actually, just one *really* long one. But if you can get past that, I think both adults and kids will enjoy this movie together, providing families with a great opportunity to discuss the relatable challenges that Leo faces in The Main Event.

Watch The Main Event, now streaming on Netflix, and enjoy a themed snack inspired by Leo’s mysterious and magical wrestling mask! Find the recipe to make your own cookies here.


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