3D Printed Hand of the King Pin from Game of Thrones

I drink (coffee) and I know things… that’s why I’m the hand of the king — strike that — queen.

My husband recently surprised me with a 3D printer as an anniversary gift! And as a DIY and craft enthusiast, I was shocked and ecstatic! Just think of all the geek prints I can make…

If you’re interested in 3D printing, full disclaimer, I am still learning the basics and am no pro! But I am happy to share that 3D printing has not been as challenging as I initially had expected. I was really intimidated at first, but after some introductory prints and tutorials from my fellow 3D printer pal Ty, I am now up and running!

Check out my 3D printing unboxing video and learn about my Flashforge 3D printer!

Hand of the King Pin Made with My 3D Printer

I’ve made a few prints thus far, including some cookie cutters, which I can’t wait to try out, and a Hand of the King pin from Game of Thrones!

I found this 3D print file on Thingiverse and knew that I had to try this one. Special thanks to Michael Jones for the file!

All-in-all it was a simple print to master and it came out good enough for my liking.

I’m still a beginner and definitely have work to do related to sanding down my prints, but I am happy with how the print turned out.

I covered the print in gold and bronze acrylic paint and finished the project by hot gluing a pin to the back of the print.

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