Snyder Cut Teaser Clip Shows Superman’s Black Suit

With the Snyder Cut of Justice League headed our way, I’m on pins and needles to see how the movie will be updated!

Halfway through June we got out first Justice League teaser trailer which was just that — a tease! And now Zack Snyder has done it again. This past weekend we got a new “sneak peek” of Henry Cavill as Superman in his BLACK SUIT!

Watch the Latest Snyder Cut Teaser with Superman in His Black Suit

You can find the full Zack Snyder panel from Justice Con, part of Comic-Con@Home, from this past weekend at here

And, yes, while we still do not know a ton about the Snyder Cut, it seems we may only need to wait a short bit longer. DC’s Fandome event will stream for fans everywhere on August 22, promising DC updates and new surprises. *Fingers crossed* we get more info on Justice League!


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