7 Ways to Embrace Your Inner Wonder Woman

Prepare for the new Wonder Woman film (in theaters June 2, 2017!) with 7 fun ways to show off your inner heroine, warrior, and nerdess. Who said nerds weren’t stylish?

Get Gal Gadot’s signature Wonder Woman braid.

(Tutorial courtesy of Miranda Hedman.)

Take your fandom to the office with your very own Wonder Woman chair cape.

wonder woman chair cape

(Image courtesy of Entertainment Earth.)

Pick up your favorite Wonder Woman Funko POP! character for your collection.

Wonder Woman Pop Vinyl

(Image courtesy of ThinkGeek.)

Add Diana Prince’s style to your kitchen with a Wonder Woman KitchenAid decal.


(Photo courtesy of Sunbeam Engraving.)

Practice superhero-inspired nail art with Wonder Woman nails.

wonder woman nail art

(Photo courtesy of Pinterest.)

Train like a superhero with Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman workout.

wonder woman workout

(Photo courtesy of Superhero Jacked.)

#ShowYourWarrior by creating your own Wonder Woman gauntlets with this Wonder Woman Photo Editor.

wonder woman



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