May the Fourth Be With You – Office Edition!

Happy Star Wars Day! As my fellow Jedi, Ewoks, Sith, and Jawas celebrate, let’s take a moment to reflect on easy ways to bring your inner nerd to your office. Note – while these ideas are especially great for May the Fourth, they can be used to improve your cubicle all year round.

Update to a Star Wars Coffee Mug

Every morning starts with coffee – so why not introduce a new mug to the office? And hey, this will be easy to recognize in the office kitchen, so you can leave your worries behind that your co-worker will mistake your dull, plain Dixie cup for their own.


Surprise Your Co-Workers With a Star Wars Treat Bag

Nothing says “Star Wars fans are the friendliest and most interesting” like a Star Wars treat bag left as a surprise on your desk. Plus, if you have a coworker who has never seen a Star Wars film (gasp!), this is your perfect introduction to start your practiced Star Wars pitch. Special thanks to my coworker, Abbey, for the creation of these galactic snack bags!


Add a Han Solo in Carbonite Phone Stand

Trust me – there is no better office-conversation starter than this phone stand.


Incorporate Star Wars Into Your Wardrobe

Shutout (again!) to Abbey for repping her office-worthy Star Wars attire with me.


Get Through the Year With a Star Wars Wall Calendar


Take Notes in a Star Wars Note Pad

Depending on your comfort level in group meetings, these notebooks can be left picture side up (if they are your work friends) or down (if you’re unsure of the meeting crowd’s personalities).


Stock Up On Star Wars Snacks

It’s important to note, you will probably never eat these, but they are fun to look at!


Keep Your Breath Fresh With Star Wars Gum


Looking for more Star Wars office gear? Check out ThinkGeek for all of your nerdy office needs.


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