In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream Over These Alien-tastic Items

Alien Covenant hits theaters this weekend. Stock up on these creepily awesome Alien items for yourself, a friend, or maybe even for Father’s Day!

Alien Ovomorph Egg Cookie Jar

Tired of people eating all of the cookies when they come over to your house? Fear not, this ovomorph cookie jar will scare cookie thieves away.


(Image courtesy of ThinkGeek.)

Alien Facehugger Plush

This is actually a pretty terrifying stuffed animal. But at the same time, it’s pretty cool.


(Image courtesy of ThinkGeek.)

Alien Chestburster Plush

This one though… this one is terrifying.


(Image courtesy of ThinkGeek.)

Alien: The Coloring Book

Coloring books are all the rage these days. Snag this Alien coloring book for your next rainy day activity.


(Image courtesy of Entertainment Earth.)

Game Over Man: The Alien Queen Bust Bank

Spare change is safe with the Alien Queen. I have a feeling she won’t give it up easily though.


(Image courtesy of ThinkGeek.)

Alien – Xenomorph Glow-in-the-Dark Egg Set

These glowing eggs may be too creepy to serve as an actual night light, but what a conversation starter for your living area.



(Images courtesy of ThinkGeek.)

Alien Next Door – Illustrated Book

Ever wonder what a Xenomorph does in its natural habitat? Find out in this illustrated book.


(Image courtesy of ThinkGeek.)

Aliens vs. Colonial Marines Plastic Figures

Start your attack plan with this Army men-style set.


(Image courtesy of Entertainment Earth.)

Alien Wood Nesting Doll Set

From an egg, face-hugger, chest-burster, Ripley, and a fully-grown Xenomorph, your home can be complete with this unique set of nesting dolls.


(Image courtesy of Entertainment Earth.)


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