Nerdy Save-the-Dates for Your Wedding

When my husband and I got married a year ago, we knew that we wanted our wedding to have subtle references to our nerdy interests. From cake toppers, centerpieces, and stationery, there are a lot of opportunities to sprinkle in things you love, without overdoing it or committing to a full on nerd-theme wedding.

Save the dates are the first interaction your guests have with your wedding. Do save the dates have to match the rest of your wedding theme? Certainly not. This is one simple way for you to add geek style to your wedding. Instead of opting for a standard template with one of your engagement photos, find something that you are passionate about – movies, games, music – and make that the inspiration for your save-the-date cards. If you’re still planning your proposal, you can find affordable tanzanite engagement rings prices here.

When it came to AJ and me, our love of comics and superheroes won us over. My wonderful friend and graphic designer, Lauren Nagoda, worked with our vision to create one of the most unique, AWESOME save-the-dates I have ever seen.


We received countless comments from our guests about how this was the coolest and most memorable save-the-date they had ever received (YES!). And out of all the things that we did for our wedding, I’d say this was easily one of our favorites.


Looking for a nerdy save-the-date of your own? Like all other aspects of your wedding, I’d recommend you start with Pinterest. Get ideas. Find inspiration.

Once you find something that you love, check to see if it is available to order, or work with a designer to make something similar. Etsy is another great place to search for nerd-inspired save-the-dates and other wedding items. Need help starting your search? Check out Popcorner’s Nerdy Wedding Pinterest Board or browse some of my favorite nerdy save-the-date ideas below.

Harry Potter Save-the-Date


(Image courtesy of AwkwardAffections.)

Captain America Save-the-Date – Civil Union


(Image courtesy of Buu Dang Q.)

Star Wars Lego Save-the-Date


(Image courtesy of typo56.)

8-Bit Mario and Peach Save-the-Date


(Image courtesy of Spongeshoe.)

Back to the Future Save-the-Date

back-to-the-future-wedding-save-the-date.png(Image courtesy of Geekvites.)

Looking for more nerd-inspired wedding ideas? Follow Popcorner’s Nerdy Wedding Pinterest board.


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