Half Marathon Training // Week 1

The week of February 12th — Valentine’s Day, the release of Black Panther, and… the *official* start to my half marathon training.

As I kick-off training for the 2018 Pittsburgh Half Marathon, I have decided to create more accountability for myself by posting regular updates on my training progress. And I’m planning to be transparent. I’m a beginner! And there’s no hiding it. If this is your first half marathon training experience, maybe you’ll be able to relate, celebrate, and possibly commiserate with me. But let’s hope we’re not doing much of the latter!

My running buddy Michelle and I will be following Hal Higdon’s novice training program. And as we kicked off the official week 1, I felt, overall, pretty good with my workouts. But to be honest, I didn’t clock the miles I was hoping to. Between Valentine’s Day, family activities, and rainy weather — I know, excuses, excuses, I didn’t quite meet my mileage goals for the week.

However, I did accomplish my longest run since I started training this season — four miles outside with a faster pace than I had anticipated. I also completed some cross-training sessions with a cycling and power pump class.

As I head into this training program, I’ve already begun to see how I can get better! My goals these upcoming weeks are to do the following:

Create Accountability

Yes, I’m aiming to create accountability for myself… which is one of the main reasons I plan to regularly post my beginner’s progress here on my blog. The more publicly I talk about my training with my friends, family, and readers, the more likely I am to hold my end of the bargain and get it done!

Map Out Training Activities 

While I’m following an actual half marathon training, I still need to schedule and accommodate the workouts in my week. When will the weather (hopefully!) allow a run outside? When can I meet Michelle for a long run? Are there any workout classes that I can attend for cross training? Oh, and I need to make sure I pack my gym bag the night before! I’m not a total morning person, and it rarely happens when I attempt to do it in the AM before I head to work.

Plan Healthier Meals and Snacks

Two big things I’ve noticed these last several weeks since I’ve started the combination of running and doing fitness classes — I’m hungry and so tired! Not only has my appetite increased throughout the day, but after a workout, I’m beat. I normally workout in the evening, and by the time I shower, eat dinner, and sit down on the couch with AJ and Anzu, it’s lights out for this girl. After sharing my misery with a friend, they suggested I review my diet to make sure I’m getting the proper nutrients now that I’ve increased my workouts. And she’s so right! I hadn’t even considered how I should be changing my diet. Add that to my to-do list!

The biggest win for me during week one?

Nice weather to take my long run outside over the weekend! I totally get why runners prefer logging their miles outside compared to on a treadmill. The breeze and changing scenery helped so much! Now I’m dreading going back to the treadmill when the temperatures drop again. Sigh.


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18 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training // Week 1

  1. Ray @ Superpowers Sold Separately says:

    You’re going to do amazing! This is why I do my trail to Trifecta posts. By the time I get to the Beast it’s basically a half marathon with obstacles. I can’t wait to see your journey!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. theweekendfox says:

    Yay for week 1! I’ve completed 5 half marathons and every time I started training, it was like starting from total scratch – both scary, exhausting, and so exciting! I remember being super hungry a lot too and I never bothered enough to really adjust my diet, but if I ever do another one, that’ll be my main focus! Hope you have FUN training!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Club of “Runners” says:

    First off, how awesome was Black Panther?? I loved it! Second, way to go on the half training. I’m currently training for my second half and nervous because I injured myself during my first half a year ago. Will definitely be checking back to see how your progress goes. Best of luck!!

    Liked by 1 person

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