Did These 12 MCU Characters Survive the Snap?

We’re in the endgame now… that is, Avengers: Endgame hits theaters THIS MONTH. Can you believe we are finally ready to see the aftermath from Infinity War?

Tickets officially went on sale today (with theaters selling out FAST) — and we got a new special look at Avengers: Endgame. Now I’m all for trailers, but I do have to say, this one has the most spoilers of any of the Endgame clips released so far. I do not plan to watch it more than my first view, and if you are hesitant to see too much before the movie, I would say to steer clear of this one. I’m definitely trying to avoid spoilers and theories before Endgame — I just want to go into the movie with a clean slate!

Between the new footage, ticket sales, and new merchandise hitting shelves, Avengers hype is in full swing! Marvel recently released a series of posters dedicated to the survivors and victims of the snap, and the closeup portraits of our favorite characters are just perfect.

The known survivors…

Steve Rogers (aka Captain America)


Tony Stark (aka Iron Man)

Ant-Man (aka Scott Lang)

Black Widow (aka Natalia Ramanova)

Bruce Banner (aka the Hulk)

Captain Marvel (aka Carol Danvers)

Hawkeye (aka Clint Barton)

Rocket Raccoon


Lieutenant James Rhodes (aka War Machine)


Pepper Potts

Happy Hogan



The known fallen…

Black Panther (aka T’Challa)

Doctor Strange

Spider-Man (aka Peter Parker)

Star-Lord (aka Peter Quill)


Falcon (aka Sam Wilson)





Nick Fury

Scarlet Witch (aka Wanda Maximoff)


The Wasp (aka Hope van Dyne)


Bucky Barnes (aka the Winter Soldier)

But what about some of the more “minor” characters? Will we learn if they survived?

Many of these characters don’t have special abilities, but I care about them, okay?

Ned and MJ — The “man in the chair” and Peter’s soon-to-be crush. While we’ve seen these two in the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer, we also saw Peter Parker (who was a victim of the snap), so… did these two survive the snap? And when does Far From Home take place in the timeline? So many questions!

Lady Sif — The Warriors Three may be gone thanks to Hela, but where in the universe is Lady Sif?

Korg and Miek — I hope these two are still around!

Sharon Carter — Don’t tell me Steve has to lose another Carter so soon.

Nakia and Ramonda — They weren’t spotted in Infinity War, so…

Kraglin — Losing Yondu in GOTG2 was enough for me.

Erik Selvig, Jane Foster, and Darcie — Where in the world are these three?

What other MCU characters are you wondering about?



  1. April 5, 2019 / 12:30 am

    Well, I am full of emotions now! With so many beloved characters gone, I hadn’t even thought about the ones we didn’t see. I really love Kraglin, he’s been through so much, I hope he’s okay!

  2. April 17, 2019 / 9:08 pm

    Nice list! It’s funny how much Thanos’s snap opens up a lot of questions about all of the minor and supporting characters from the past movies. I’d love to know what happened to Nakia and Ramonda too as well as Jane Foster and her friends.

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