No-Bake Captain America Dessert

Looking for a last-minute dessert to take to your Fourth of July cookout this week? Yes? No? Okay, maybe it’s just me that waits until the last minute to think of festive picnic ideas!

Luckily, the star-spangled man with a plan has come to the rescue — as he always does. Here’s a simple, patriotic treat, inspired by Captain America, that is easy to prepare at the last minute. And bonus — no baking is required!

What You Need:

  • Angel Food Cake
  • Blueberries
  • Raspberries
  • Whipped Cream
  • Star-shaped Cookie Cutter

Cut your pre-baked angel food cake into 1/2 inch slices.

(Okay, confession, I normally prefer to bake my own angel food cake, but sometimes when you’re in a pinch, store bought is the way to go!)


Take your star-shaped cookie cutter and firmly press it into the center of a piece of cake, removing the edges from around the cutter.

Set the scrap pieces aside to use later.

Next, it’s time to *assemble* your angel food and berry treats! I chose to use mason jars so the red, white, and blue layers were visible, but you can use whatever container you prefer.

At the bottom of your jar, add a base layer of whipped cream. Next, use the scrap pieces of angel food (not the star pieces) to add a layer of cake, followed by a layer of berries, a second layer of cake, and a final layer of whipped cream.

Finish by adding a star-shaped piece of cake to the top of your jar with a layer of berries.




  1. July 1, 2019 / 5:00 pm

    This looks AMAZINGLY delicious! I want it right now. I love angel food cake so much – and this is the perfect 4th of July treat!

  2. July 1, 2019 / 9:34 pm

    Seriously this looks SO good and is such a fun 4th of July treat!

  3. July 2, 2019 / 12:55 am

    Love this fun treat! So great for the Fourth of July festivities!
    Might have to make this one this week!

    cute & little

  4. July 2, 2019 / 5:40 am

    Oh my, this sounds delicious! I love a good cake, some whipped cream, and ALL kinds of berries, so adding them all together sounds like heaven in a dessert 😍

  5. Becky Ginther
    July 2, 2019 / 9:36 am

    I actually might make this – I don’t have a party or anything to go to but just for myself! Anything with fresh fruit is good with me!

  6. July 4, 2019 / 6:09 am

    This looks SO GOOD! All the ingredients sound really yummy together and I think that little star ties the whole Captain America look together!

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