Watchmen Smiley Face Sugar Cookie

Mark you calendars! HBO’s new series the Watchmen officially premieres this Sunday, October 20.

Whether you’re a fan of the graphic novel by Alan Moore, the 2009 movie directed by Zack Snyder, or if you’re just hoping to have a new HBO show to get hooked on (anyone else missing Game of Thrones?), Watchmen is sure to have us on the edge of our couch cushions with this new story — full of masked vigilantes and mystery — set in an alternate 2019.

We’re planning to kick off the season premiere of HBO’s Watchmen with this GIANT sugar cookie resembling the iconic Watchmen smiley face logo. Bake your own and throw a Watchmen-themed viewing party with minimal preparation.

Watchmen Smiley Face Cookie

Rorschach’s cookbook, October 2019… 

What You Need:

  • 1 roll of pre-made sugar cookie dough
  • 1 jar of bright yellow frosting
  • 1 small tube of red icing
  • 1 small tube of red icing
  • Round baking sheet

The best part about this recipe is the all of these ingredients are pre-made and ready for you to bake and decorate! I love a recipe that is NOT time consuming.

Using a round baking sheet, spread out your roll of pre-made sugar cookie dough (you could also choose to use chocolate chip dough). Bake according to the directions on the packaging, but add a few more minutes to bake the large cookie all the way through.

After your cookie is out of the oven and cooled (slightly warm to touch), frost the cookie with bright yellow frosting (mine is from Pillsbury).

Tip: Warm your yellow icing in the microwave for a few seconds to help it spread more smoothly.

Next, use your black icing to draw your smiley face eyes and smile. Then, use your red icing to add the blood splatter design in the top left corner.


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