The Best Star Wars: The Clone Wars Quotes (Season 7, The Final Season)

The final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars is finally back and now streaming on Disney+!

Season 7 will be comprised of 12 episodes, and you better believe I’m ready to bring you the best and most memorable quotes from Ahsoka, Anakin, Obi-Wan, Cody, Rex, and the rest of our favorite characters from The Clone Wars.

Embrace others for their differences, for that makes you whole. — Opening Quote, S7 E1, The Bad Batch

Sometimes in war, it’s hard to be the one that survives. — Cody

I’ve heard mixed things about these guys (about Clone Force 99). — Jesse. // They have a 100% success rate. — Kix // It’s not that they win, it’s how they win that worries me. — Jesse

So why haven’t I heard of this squad? — Rex // Experimental unit Clone Force 99, they’re defective clones with, uh… desirable mutations. — Cody // 99, eh? Nice touch. — Rex // They call themselves “The Bad Batch.” — Cody

We don’t usually work with “regs.” — Crosshair

We’re all on the same team, so cut the attitude and listen up. — Cody

What’s so special about Hunter? — Jesse // He was engineered with heightened senses. A place like the Cyber Center, Hunter can feel the electromagnetic frequencies from anywhere on the planet. — Tech // And here I thought we were smart just for using a holomap. — Jesse // Well, maps can be wrong, Hunter never is. — Tech

That number, Cap, what did it mean? — Tech // CT-1409… That was Echo’s number. He’s alive. — Rex

The search for truth begins with belief. — Opening Quote, S7 E2, A Distant Echo

When you throw caution to the wind and take chances, where is he? — Padme about Rex // Right beside me. — Anakin // Then maybe that’s where you should be for him, Ani. — Padme // Trust his instincts like he trusts yours. — Padme

Survival is one step on the path to living. — Opening Quote, S7 E3, On the Wings of Keeradaks

Thanks for coming after me. — Echo // That’s what brothers do. — Rex

Trust placed in another is trust earned. — Opening Quote, S7 E4, Unfinished Business

I see Anakin is being as insightful as ever. — Obi-Wan // I was told not to worry. It was all part of their plan. — Mace Windu // If I know Anakin, we’ve got the easy part. — Obi-Wan

Jedi scum. — Admiral Trench

Tell me the sequence to disarm the bomb! — Anakin // Never. Dooku would kill me for losing Anaxes. — Admiral Trench // And you think I won’t? — Anakin // You’re a Jedi. Your nobility… Admiral Trench // I don’t have such weaknesses! — Anakin

Your path is different. Like ours. if you ever feel like you don’t fit in with them, well, find us. — Hunter to Echo

If there is no path before you, create your own. — Opening Quote, S7 E5, Gone with a Trace

When you’re a kid, you hear stories. I guess they’re not what I thought they would be. — Trace about the Jedi to Ahsoka

We can’t count on anyone. — Rafa // So we count on ourselves. — Trace

Mistakes are valuable lessons often learned too late. — Opening Quote, S7 E6, Deal No Deal

You ever thought you might be the trouble she needs to stay away from? — Rafa to Ahsoka

Welcome aboard the Silver Angel. — Trace // The Silver Angel? You should rethink that. — Rafa // That’s what I told her. — Ahsoka

Don’t do anything that makes us look suspicious. — Ahsoka // We already look suspicious. — Trace

We can’t pay off debt with your morality. — Rafa to Ahsoka

Who you were does not have to define who you are. — Opening Quote S7 E7, Dangerous Debt

In my life, when you find people who need your help, you help them, no matter what. I guess it’s just who I am. — Ahsoka

You can change who you are, but you cannot run from yourself. — Opening Quote S7 E8, Together Again

You are but one small piece moving in this mechanism which I have designed. And yet when you falter, it jeopardizes everything. — Maul

Let me level with you. You might not think of yourself as a Jedi, but you act like one. Or at least how I want them to be. — Rafa

Jedi or not, I consider you my friend. — Trace

If I go down this path, I’m afraid where it might lead. — Ahsoka Tano

It all makes sense now. — Anakin // What? — Obi-Wan // If Ahsoka hadn’t left the Order, then she wouldn’t have been where she needed to be. — Anakin // That’s one way to look at it, I suppose. — Obi-Wan // It’s the only way to look at it. We’re gonna capture Maul, finally. — Anakin

I am cautiously optimistic. — Obi-Wan

If we’re successful, you’ll have Maul and I’ll have Mandalore. — Bo-Katan // If Republic forces aid you in your assault, it will break treaties that are 100 years old. We will effectively be drawn into yet another war. — Obi-Wan // What’s one more? — Bo-Katan // Well, we’re not finished with our first one yet. — Anakin

Maul’s influence on Mandalore is destroying my people! He murdered their ruler, my sister! I thought she meant something to you. — Bo-Katan // She did. And still does. But I cannot allow my feelings to cloud my judgement. The council will decide what our course of action will be. — Obi-Wan

They shouldn’t salute me anymore. Not since I left the order. — Ahsoka Tano // It doesn’t matter to them. It’s a sign of respect. They know what you went through for them, day after day, battle after battle. Loyalty means everything to the clones. — Anakin

As soon as Rex and the guys knew you were back, they got to work. — Anakin // The paint job is a little crude, but we think it gets the idea across. Glad to have you back, Commander. — Rex to Ahsoka

I killed Maul once: best to capture him. He doesn’t seem to stay dead. — Obi-Wan

Thanks for the support, as always. — Ahsoka Tano // That’s what friends are for. — Anakin

Master Kenobi always said there’s no such thing as luck. — Ahsoka Tano // Good thing I taught you otherwise. — Anakin

I was hoping for Kenobi. Why are you here? — Maul to Ahsoka

I’m afraid your way of thinking is behind the times. — Maul to Ahsoka

I was certain Kenobi would have come himself. Perhaps bring his loyal foal. Skywalker, is it? — Maul

Darth Sidious is the Sith Lord who orchestrated the Clone Wars and played both sides of it from the beginning. — Obi-Wan

Anakin is on a special assignment by order of the Jedi Council. — Obi-Wan // What kind of assignment? — Ahsoka // He has been instructed to observe the Chancellor and report his findings. — Obi-Wan // Observe? You mean spy. — Ahsoka

Ahsoka, the Council isn’t always right. That’s why I’m asking for your help. — Obi-Wan to Ahsoka

You’re wasting your time. I won’t tell you anything. — Jesse // How charming that you actually believe that statement to be true. — Maul

Clones, bred for combat. All part of the plan…. The plan. The only plan that matters. Not even I was made aware of its grand design, but I played my part. And do you know what happened to me? I was cast aside. I was forgotten. But I survived, and I can thrive in the chaos that is to come. — Maul

Maul had a vision. A dream. The name came to him. — Prime Minister Almec // What name? — Ahsoka // Skywalker. — Almec

You once liberated me from my imprisonment by Sidious and his apprentice. At the time I thought Dooku was an old fool. But now, now I see he and I are the same. One step behind. The dark side has never been stronger. — Maul

Soon… the galaxy will be remade, and in the chaos, we must seize what power we can. It is not the way of your people to hide, here in the gutters. If you die, I promise you it will be on the field of battle. And if you die… you will die a warriors. — Maul to the Mandalorians

Were you not cast out of your Order? — Maul to Ahsoka // I left voluntarily. — Ahsoka // Yes, but you were motivated to leave by the hypocrisy of the Jedi Council. We were both tools for greater powers. — Maul

I am here to bring you to justice. — Ahsoka // Justice is merely the construct of the current power base. A basement which, according to my calculations, is about to change.  — Maul // And Darth Sidious is behind it? — Ahsoka // He is behind everything. In the shadows, always. But soon, very soon he will reveal himself. — Maul

With your help, the Jedi can stop Sidious before it’s too late. — Ahsoka // Too late for what? The Republic to fall? It already has, and you just can’t see it! There is no justice, no law, no order, except for the one that will replace it! — Maul

The time of the Jedi has passed. They cannot defeat Sidious. But, together, you and I can. Every choice you have made has led you to this moment. — Maul to Ahsoka

What do you want with Anakin Skywalker? — Ahsoka // He is the key to everything. — Maul // To bring balance to the Force? — Ahsoka // To destroy. He has long been groomed for his role, as my master’s new apprentice. — Maul // You lie. — Ahsoka // I’m afraid not. In fact, I was so certain of his fate that I orchestrated this war to lure him here with Kenobi to kill him. Thus depriving Sidious of his prized pupil. — Maul

I know Anakin. Your vision is flawed. — Ahsoka // I see the Padawan needs one last lesson. — Maul

You’re lucky Anakin didn’t show up. The way you’re fighting you wouldn’t have lasted long. — Ahsoka // Oh, you have Kenobi’s arrogance. — Maul // You’ll find I have many qualities for you to dislike. — Ahsoka

Obi-Wan was right. You are difficult to kill. — Ahsoka to Maul

We could have destroyed Sidious. — Maul // Only for you to take his place. — Ahsoka

I give you one last chance. Join me… or die. — Maul // Never. — Ahsoka

I wish I was good at something other than war. — Bo-Katan

As a Jedi, we were trained to be keepers of the peace, not soldiers. But all I’ve been since I was a Padawan is a soldier. — Ahsoka // Well, I’ve known no other way. Gives us clones all a mixed feeling about the war. Many people wish it never happened. But without it, we clones wouldn’t exist. — Rex

The Republic couldn’t have asked for better soldiers, nor I a better friend.  — Ahsoka to Rex

The clones turned against me. Even Rex. I don’t know why. They just suddenly weren’t themselves. — Ahsoka

About Star Wars: The Clone Wars

The Emmy Award-winning animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars returns for its epic conclusion on Disney+. With ambitious, groundbreaking computer animation from Lucasfilm Animation, classic characters, astounding action, and the timeless battle between good and evil, Star Wars: The Clone Wars expands the Star Wars story with all new adventures set in a galaxy far, far away.

Now it is the end of the historic Clone Wars, as the forces of darkness have amassed great power in their bid to transform the Republic into the Galactic Empire. In the conflict’s final days, clone troopers specialize for the dangerous missions ahead, Ahsoka Tano confronts life outside of the Jedi Order, and a familiar menace returns to wreak havoc. The explosive final chapters of the Clone Wars chronicle the end of a major era in Star Warshistory.

Created by George Lucas, with Dave Filoni as Executive Producer/Supervising Director, Star Wars: The Clone Wars stars Matt Lanter as Anakin Skywalker, Ashley Eckstein as Ahsoka Tano, Dee Bradley Baker as Captain Rex and the clone troopers, James Arnold Taylor as Obi-Wan Kenobi, Katee Sackhoff as Bo- Katan, Tom Kane as Yoda and Sam Witwer as Maul.


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