INTERVIEW: Director Lara Everly Explores the Rising Price of Parenthood in Milk Money Docuseries

This week I had the privilege to speak with Director Lara Everly on her new documentary series Milk Money. Featuring stories told by real parents, Milk Money dives into family finances and the rising price of parenthood. While this is a topic that is often ignored in our day-to-day conversations, hopes to change that through their new online channel that harnesses the power of entertainment and storytelling to make money matters easy, inspiring and manageable. Oh, and all of the series are free to watch!

I’ve already streamed a handful of Milk Money episodes and each story is unique and moving. Not only will these real-world parenting stories give you a new perspective on the rising cost of parenthood, but all of the content found on Million Stories aims to provide millennial parents with financial skills through free extensive, easy-to-use learning resources.

Director Lara Everly on Her New Documentary Series ‘Milk Money’

Why Parents?

Money can be a hard topic to discuss, but when it came to looking at the price of parenthood, Lara talked about why it was so important to her that parents — and not a financial “expert” — told this story.

“I didn’t want it to be like another advice column. I wanted it to be an opportunity for parents to talk really candidly and really about the struggles and successes that they’ve had dealing with money through the portal of parenthood.” — Lara Everly, Director of Milk Money

What Are You Hoping Viewers Will Take Away?

Watching the episodes, it’s immediately apparent that each family faces unique circumstances. And with that in mind, there is a lot viewers can learn and take away from the documentary series.

“First and foremost, I just hope people kind of feel seen and heard. I think that […] parenting can feel kind of lonely sometimes, and you can have a lot of questions of like ‘am I doing this right?’.  And so I think I’m hoping that people feel […] connection and a feeling of community” — Lara Everly, Director of Milk Money

On the Real-Life Moments Captured on Film

When you watch the docuseries, it’s apparent you’re witnessing a day-in-the-life of these families. The interactions and the dialogue are not perfectly crafted, but are captured candidly and in the moment.

“I just give the families so much credit for being vulnerable and letting us be there through those real-life moments.” — Lara Everly, Director of Milk Money

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