Enola Holmes Chrysanthemum Cookies

Enola Holmes is now streaming on Netflix and it is a MUST WATCH!

I’ve already watched it 2.5 times and can’t get enough of the fabulous cast. I mean, with a cast that includes Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill, Sam Claflin, and Helena Bonham Carter, you know it’s going to be good!

I’ve always been a Sherlock Holmes fan, but I love this new story featuring another Holmes detective-in-the making, Enola! If you haven’t watched the movie yet and need more reasons to check it out, read my spoiler-free review.

Enola Holmes-Inspired Cookies

When I love a movie, it often inspires a themed recipe for my blog — and Enola Holmes is no exception!

In the movie, Enola is left a birthday gift from her mother that includes a book she made titled “The Secret of Flowers”. This gift, along with her mother’s disappearance, leads Enola to find clues left by her mother, specifically in her chrysanthemums! Once that happens, well, the game is afoot!

Inspired by the floral paintings/clues that were included in Enola’s “The Secret of Flowers” book, I decided to “paint” my own — but on cookies!

Using sugar cookies with white royal icing as my “canvas”, I used floral rubber stamps and food coloring to add the floral decorations and phrases that we see in the film.

The first cookie is inspired by Mrs. Holmes’ chrysanthemum painting:

The bestowing of chrysanthemums indicates familial attachment and, by implication, affection. — The Secret of Flowers

And the second cookie is inspired by the note that Enola finds from her mother:

There are two paths you can take, Enola. Yours or the path others choose for you. — Mrs. Holmes 

Our future is up to us. — Enola Holmes

I love how these painted Enola Holmes cookies turned out — and I LOVE how easy they were with the rubber stamp as my guide!

Make your own and watch Enola Holmes, now streaming on Netflix!

Enola Holmes Cookies Inspired by Mrs. Holmes’ Chrysanthemum Clue

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What You Need:

To start, bake your favorite sugar cookies in the shape of rectangles and squares. The size is up to you, but I found it easiest to make them slightly oversized to have more room to decorate!

Use white royal icing to ice the top of the cookie, which will serve as your “canvas” for your decoration. Let the icing dry completely before decorating (overnight is recommended).

Once your icing has set, it’s time to decorate. Remember, we’re going after a “watercolor” look, so the flowers and designs do not need to be pristine and perfect.

First, use a food-safe marker (fine tip is easiest) to write the phrases on your cookies. Practice on a piece of paper first to get the spacing and sizing correct.

For the vertical rectangle cookies, write “CHRYSANTHEMUM” across the top and “Familial Attachment” at the bottom.

For the square cookies, write “Our future is up to us.” across the bottom.

Note — the capitalization shown above reflects what was in the movie.

Next, use your clean rubber stamp to add flowers to your cookies. I selected two stamps from my local craft store that resembled the flowers on Enola’s cards in the movie, but you can always embellish and add on to this design yourself if your stamps do not match exactly.

For the rectangular chrysanthemum cookie, use a flower stamp to add three flowers total (as seen below). Using a food-safe paint brush, apply food gel coloring to the flower. Green for the petals, and yellow and red for the flower petals.

Practice your stamp to see the desired outcome on a piece of paper before stamping your cookie.

Once your stamp has food coloring applied to it, gently stamp the pattern onto the cookie in your desired location, then reapply food coloring and re-stamp for a total of three flowers.

Next, color any blank areas with extra food coloring and add your stems and leaves with your paint brush.

Note – in the movie, the bottom left flower appears redder, so I went in and added additional coloring with my brush.

Set your cookies aside to dry while you work on the second design.

Using a rubber stamp with a daintier flower pattern, apply blue food coloring to your flowers. Practice stamping the design on a piece of paper, then add the design to the top of your square cookie with the stamp.

Add brown stems with your paint brush and embellish/add any flowers that you desire with your brush and additional blue food coloring.

Let the cookie dry completely.

And there you have it! Our future is up to us. (And it will certainly include cookies.)

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