Oogie Boogie’s Halloween Candy Charcuterie Board

What’s this? What’s this? A Halloween candy board inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas?! Why, yes. That is exactly what this is. 🙂

I’ve had candy boards and charcuterie boards on my list for some time now and this weekend I finally got around to making my own Halloween candy charcuterie board. Of course, I had to make it geeky!

Knowing that I wanted to incorporate some Halloween vibes, Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas quickly came to mind! I made this Oogie Boogie character shape with my Cricut for the center piece of my candy board, and I love how it turned out!

Tips For Assembling a Great Candy Board

While candy boards don’t take a lot of work to pull together, there are a few tricks that will help yours stand out!

Create a color scheme — it doesn’t have to be matchy-matchy, but coordinating colors with your theme will help with the overall aesthetic. For my Halloween board, I went mostly with orange, brown, and a few pops of color in my candy/snack pieces.

Place your items based on color to create visual symmetry — When placing your candy/snack pieces around your board, try to place them in a way that complements the colors. Place one orange snack in one corner, then place another orange snack across from it diagonally. For example, the orange pumpkin candies and the orange gold fish on my board, the Oreo cookies, or the colored gummy worms and gum balls.

Keep your items organized, but slightly disheveled — I know that’s a little counterintuitive, but hear me out! While you want your board to have “boundaries” between each of the different pieces (this isn’t just an assorted candy bowl!), it’s nice to let some of the pieces wander into the other piles to give the design of the board a natural and care-free vibe.

Place your items on the board, but allow some pieces to stray off the board. This Oogie Boogie candy board is the perfect example for this, after all, there’s no way those “worms” would stay still!

Oogie Boogie’s Nightmare Before Christmas Candy Board

What You Need:

  • Large cutting board
  • Oogie Boogie template — DOWNLOAD
  • Halloween Oreos
  • Gummy bugs and worms
  • Candy corns or candy pumpkins
  • Goldfish
  • Almonds
  • Graham crackers
  • Caramel squares
  • Lollipops
  • Gum balls
  • Chocolate bars

Print out the Oogie Boogie graphic from the list above, or cut it out with a Cricut or other cutting machine (see below for what I did). Place it on the center of your cutting board.

Starting at the bottom right corner of Oogie Boogie’s head, create a border with a line of cookies.

Working up along his face, add gummy worms to continue forming a frame. It’s okay for the worms to fall off the board, too!

Next, fill in the top right corner with caramels, followed by another row of cookies across the top of the head.

Following the cookie trail, add candy corn or candy pumpkin pieces.

Along the chin, frame with chocolate bar pieces.

Next, fill in any remaining sections of the board with the remaining candy and healthy snacks (we need at least a few non-candy items!) — almonds, gold fish, graham crackers, gum balls, lollipops, gummy bugs etc.

The perfect sugar rush for your Nightmare Before Christmas Movie night! What candies will you incorporate onto your board?


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