Making Wanda Maximoff’s 1950s Dinner Dress Costume from WandaVision (Using an Old Bridesmaid Dress)

I have a sewing project list a mile long, but it seems I’m stuck in WandaVision mode! And stuck in the 1950s era at that…

A few weeks ago I sewed a WandaVision costume inspired by Wanda Maximoff’s 1950s house dress from the first episode of the Disney+ series. It’s probably my favorite sewing project thus far and I learned a lot attempting it.

And while I never intended to make another WandaVision dress… well, I had a lightbulb moment that I couldn’t resist.

You see, I have a closet full of old bridesmaid dresses and one of them had similarities to Wanda’s OTHER 1950s dress.

So, naturally, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a bridesmaid dress flip! I decided to give the old bridesmaid dress a glow up and reconstruct it into Wanda’s 1950s dinner dress.

DIY Wanda Maximoff 1950s Costume from WandaVision

As I discussed in my first WandaVision dress project, the two dresses that Wanda wears in the first black and white episode were actually a light blue/green color.

My bridesmaid dress just happened to be the same color, and it also happened to be a similar length and bodice style. After purchasing some similar colored fabric to allow for a modified, fuller skirt bottom and an altered neckline, I decided to give this neglected bridesmaid dress some Wanda-approved touches!

Here’s a look at the original bridesmaid dress before I updated the skirt and neckline…

And here’s the modified dress with some 1950s Wanda touches!

Now pair the new dress with a cute apron and some superhero powers.

If you enjoyed this WandaVision project, don’t forget to check out my other WandaVision sewing project.


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