10+ Star Wars Cake Ideas

Whether you’re planning a Star Wars birthday party or looking for a fun movie night dessert, I have a force-filled list of Star Wars cake ideas that I’ve tried over the years.

From Star Wars character cakes to planets to sayings, there are endless ways to incorporate your favorite Star Wars moments into a delicious and unique cake.

Star Wars Cake Ideas

Below you’ll find some of the Star Wars desserts I’ve attempted — so far. (I have no plan to stop anytime soon, so expect this list to grow!)

Find all templates and Star Wars cake toppers that I used in the recipe post for each cake — and make sure to tag me on Instagram if you bake one of these cakes at home!

Darth Maul Cake

This Star Wars cake inspired by Darth Maul is a little fierce, but it isn’t as challenging as it looks!

Bugles were simply used for the horns on the top of Darth Maul’s head. For the marketings on his face, a template was used to help replicate the pattern. More photos and details on how to make this cake can be found in the how-to post.

(And for a behind-the-scenes look at the inspiration of this cake, watch this TikTok.)

—> Darth Maul Star Wars Cake

Darth Maul Star Wars Cake

Ahsoka Tano Cake

This Star Wars drip cake is anything but boring. Pulling in elements from Ahsoka Tano herself, this cake features a blue and white white chocolate ganache drip to represent her lekku. The cake is iced in orange buttercream and includes a white design, achieved by using a template, to include her facial markings. Additionally, a DIY Ahsoka Tano cake topper pulls the entire cake together.

Find the full recipe, as well as the template to make this Star Wars cake topper in the recipe below.

—> Ahsoka Tano Star Wars Cake

Star Wars Cake of Ahsoka Tano with DIY Cake Topper

Princess Leia Cake 

This Princess Leia cake is perfect for when chilly temperatures outside have you thinking of life on Hoth. 

This simple Star Wars cake is iced entirely in vanilla buttercream, but incorporates elements of Princess Leia’s Hoth vest from The Empire Strikes Back.

Learn how to make the buttercream badge that is featured on the top of the cake and download the template to include a Rebel logo in your cake design in the recipe below.

—> Star Wars Princess Leia Hoth Vest Cake

Star Wars Cake with Rebel Logo Inspired by Princess Leia's Hoth Vest

Endor Forest Ewok Cake

Journey to the forest moon of Endor with this Star Wars cake that pulls in elements of the forest with chocolate-covered pretzel trees, coffee buttercream icing, and, of course, an adorable Ewok. 

—> Star Wars Endor Forest Cake

Star Wars Cake of Endor Forest with Ewoks

Tatooine Sunset Cake

Tatooine is one of my favorite planets in the galaxy, so of course I had to make a Star Wars cake inspired by the sandy landscape of Tatooine. Featuring an ombre buttercream design, crushed graham crackers for the sand, and cake toppers for the moons, this Tatooine sunset cake is the perfect background for R2-D2 and C-3PO’s next adventure.

—> Star Wars Tatooine Sunset Cake

Star Wars Cake of Tatooine Sunset with R2D2 and C-3PO

Mustafar Duel Cake

Cue Battle of the Heroes soundtrack.

What better way to capture the epic Mustafar lightsaber showdown between Anakin and Obi-Wan than with a geode cake to represent the lava surface of the planet?

—> Star Wars Mustafar Cake

Star Wars Cake of Anakin and Obi-Wan's Duel on Mustafar that is Made with Rock Candy

Queen Amidala Cake

As a child, I was in love with Queen Amidala and her iconic fashion choices. So when thinking of a dessert inspired by The Phantom Menace, I decided to pull in elements of her iconic red dress. Covered in buttercream that emulates the patterns and textures of her dress, I also created edible sugar designs to represent the egg-like elements on the bottom of her dress. Learn how in the recipe below.

—> Star Wars Queen Amidala Cake

Star Wars Cake of Queen Amidala's Iconic Red Dress

X-Wing Brownie Cake

Stay on Target! Stay on Target!

When I was asked to bring a Star Wars dessert for my little cousin’s birthday, I wanted to bring something simple and iconic. This brownie cake features the classic screen from the X-Wings in A New Hope as the pilots race to take down the Death Star. Rather than featuring the distance counter at the bottom, I chose to feature my cousin’s birthday instead.

Find the tutorial to make your own below.

—> Star Wars X-Wing Brownie Cake

Star Wars Cake Inspired by X-Wings and Stay on Target Quote

Star Wars Valentine’s Day Cakes

Looking for the perfect gift for your Star Wars-obsessed valentine? These are the cakes you are looking for!

Choose between an R2-D2 or BB-8 phrase to create a Star Wars candy heart cake that will light up your Valentine’s face when they see it.

—> Star Wars Valentine’s Day Cakes

Star Wars Cake for Valentine's Day Inspired by R2D2

Star Wars Cake Inspired by BB-8 for Valentine's Day

Lightsaber Cake

This Star Wars cake features the iconic lightsaber battle between Rey and Kylo Ren in The Force Awakens.

Made with chocolate covered pretzels, the lightsabers are simply placed around the cake to give off nods to the light and dark side.

—> Star Wars Lightsaber Cake

Star Wars Cake with Lightsabers

If you’re looking for more ideas, check out my full list of Star Wars recipes and Star Wars DIY projects!


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