Seaweed Sway Punch with Printable Baby Shark Drink Toppers

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There’s no question that Baby Shark and his catchy tunes are a hit with little ones! But did you know there are even more smash hits in “Baby Shark’s Big Show!“?

Available on DVD on September 20, The Seaweed Sway! brings new songs featuring: Grammy Award®-winning* superstar Cardi B as Sharki B, the biggest rap icon in the seven seas! Joining her are Offset, as Offshark; their daughter Kulture, as Toddler Shark; and John Michael Higgins, as Mayor Anchovy!

Baby Shark Seaweed Sway with Cardi B

Get ready to do the Seaweed Sway with Sharki-B, Offshark, and Toddler Shark with this fun, refreshing recipe that I created in partnership with Nickelodeon — and find the printable straw wrappers below to add a Baby Shark touch to your watch party. 

Baby Shark Party Drink Recipe

Seaweed Sway Punch

Ingredients and Supplies:


  1. Print and cut out the Baby Shark and friends character graphics, then tape each one to a drinking straw.
  2. In a small glass, combine 1 cup of purple sports drink with a tbsp. of pineapple juice. Top with a splash of lemon lime soda.
  3. Place a character straw in each glass and enjoy!

Baby Shark Drink Recipe and Printable

Baby Shark Drink Recipe and Printable

Baby Shark Drink Recipe and Printable

Check out my Baby Shark bath bomb tutorial for a fun DIY to try at home!


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