DIY: I Am All the Sith & I Am All the Jedi Quote Sign

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is now available on 4k Ultra HD, and I am LOVING it! While I love experiencing movies for the first time in the theater — nothing beats the big movie theater screen and the smell of fresh popcorn — there’s something so fun and relaxing about watching movies from the comfort of your home.

As a huge Star Wars fan, I was so excited to add The Rise of Skywalker to my home movie collection, and to have the opportunity to watch it again (and again and again)!

Flash back several months ago, I counted down to see Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker with a Skywalker saga movie marathon and a Star Wars baking challenge! For each film in the saga, I baked a pie, cake, or cookie inspired by it!

Here’s a quick recap of all of my Skywalker saga recipes — oh, and one for The Mandalorian, too. 🙂

—> Queen Amidala Cake Inspired by The Phantom Menace
—> Anakin and Padme Pear Pie Inspired by Attack of the Clones 
—> Obi-Wan and Anakin Mustafar Cake Inspired by Revenge of the Sith
—> R2-D2 and C-3PO Tatooine Sunset Cake Inspired by A New Hope
—> AT-AT Hoth Cream Pie Inspired by The Empire Strikes Back
—> Endor Forest Cake Inspired by Return of the Jedi
—> Star Wars Lightsaber Cake Inspired by The Force Awakens
—> Easy Star Wars Porg Cookies Inspired by The Last Jedi
–> Star Wars Pie Inspired by The Rise of Skywalker
—> Mandalorian Pumpkin Pie Inspired by Disney+’s The Mandalorian

But since I’ve been busy baking Star Wars recipes, it’s only proper that I add a new Star Wars DIY, too! And after re-watching The Rise of Skywalker at home this past week, an idea came to me!

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is packed full of terrific quotes and moments. One that stuck with me was between Emperor Palpatine and my girl Rey.

“I am all the Sith,” says Palpatine. And then Rey with the epic rebuttal, “And I am all the Jedi.”

CHILLS. I love that quote. And it seems like the perfect quote to fit my mood — both on days when I feel like a Jedi, but also on days that I feel like a Sith…

I love to incorporate geek items into my home decor, so I decided to make an exposed wood frame with a simple font that allows for me to change the display of the quote depending on my mood — Sith or Jedi.

“I Am All the Sith & I Am All the Jedi” Quote Sign

What You Need:

  • 9 in. x 12 in. painter’s canvas (that has a wood frame without a wood piece in the middle — more on that below)
  • Brown gel wood stain
  • Clear varnish
  • Paint brush(es)
  • Staple gun and staples
  • Measuring tape
  • I Am All the Sith, I Am All the Jedi Quote Download
  • Adhesive vinyl — black, red, blue
  • Transfer tape
  • Cricut Explore Air II (or a similar machine) and cutting accessories (mat, weeder, scraper)

First, take your plain painter’s canvas (like the one below) and remove the canvas from the frame.

Note — make sure your canvas has a wood frame without a piece of wood going across the middle. The larger your canvas size the more likely that the extra piece of wood will be present. However, since we are turning our canvas into an exposed wood frame, the extra piece of wood is not desired.

Turn your canvas upside down so you can see the underside of the canvas. Remove the staples from around the edge, or firmly pull your canvas off of the staple (being careful it doesn’t rip too much — a little rippage is okay).

Set your piece of canvas aside and prepare to stain your wood frame.

Using a brown gel stain (or the color of your choice), use a paint brush to cover the frame with the stain. Then, take a rag and wipe the excess stain off of the wood. Let your frame dry, then seal the color by applying a clear varnish to the frame. Let dry completely.

When your frame is dry, it’s time to staple your canvas to the back of the frame.

Across the back of the frame, place your canvas so that the back side of the canvas is showing (you’ll want the bright white side to show on the front side).

Staple the canvas onto the frame so that the canvas is taught about the edges.

Turn over the frame to the front side, then trim the excess canvas so that none is visible from the front of the frame.

Quick sidetone — my supervisor, Anzu the Shiba Inu, approves of DIYs on sunny days.

Download the “I am all the Sith. I am all the Jedi.” quote files (found in the list above) and load them into Circuit Design Space. Once all of your files are loaded, select all of them together and size them to 10.5 inches wide for a 12 inch wide frame. (By selecting them all at once, you’ll ensure that the proportions remain accurate.)

This file requires three cuts — one with black vinyl (the letters and lightsaber hilts), one with red vinyl (the Sith lightsaber blade), and one with blue vinyl (the Jedi lightsaber blade).

Follow the prompts from Cricut Design Space and cut out your three colors, then weed the extra pieces — anything that is not shown in the images below — off of your mats. Make sure to work slowly since the font is thin.

Lay a piece of transfer tape on top of your black vinyl piece and use your scraper to press it securely against it

Carefully pull your quote off of the original white background with them now sticking to the transfer tape, again, being careful to remove the thin font letters. Center your quote in the middle of your frame, then press the quote to the canvas, smoothing it securely onto the background with your scraper (do this several times before pulling your transfer tape back).

Next, lay a piece of transfer tape across your red lightsaber blade, using a scraper to adhere it. Line up your red lightsaber blade with the middle of the lightsaber hilt (see below) on the Sith side, then use your scraper to secure it to the canvas before pulling back your transfer tape.

Repeat this process to add your blue lightsaber blade to the Jedi side.

Note: If you are having trouble getting your vinyl to stick to your canvas, use a clear adhesive spray to help secure it. However, I will note that I did not have any issues, so this is not required.

How cool (and cute) is this exposed wood frame and Star Wars DIY?

Sith or Jedi? It depends on my mood…

What side will you choose? The dark side? Or the Light?

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