DIY Window Cling: Gandalf’s Burglar Mark on Bilbo’s Door from The Hobbit

How have I been spending my time at home? Oh, you know, just casually turning my back patio into a Hobbit-Hole. Now if only the weather would warm up so I could sit outside!

It’s not much of a secret that I’ve been on a Hobbit and Lord of the Rings kick…

I’ve made Hobbit door cookies

A new Lord of the Rings breakfast nook sign

And a new Lord of the Rings welcome mat

My latest DIY is quick, easy, and incredibly fantastic (if I do say so myself). Today I added a burglar marking to my back patio door, inspired by Gandalf’s marking that he left on Bilbo’s door in The Hobbit.

Yes, I know we’re not supposed to gather in groups at the moment, but once quarantine is lifted, I will be welcoming friends and family over for gatherings, and this marking is sure to get the word out…

Who knows, maybe it will even be the start of a grand adventure…

Grab your vinyl and your cutting machine — that’s all you’ll need for this simple Shire-inspired DIY.

*I spy with my eyes a furry little puppy named Anzu…*

Make Your Own Burglar Mark Window Cling Inspired by The Hobbit

What You Need:

  • Black adhesive vinyl
  • Hobbit door burglar marking design — DOWNLOAD
  • Transfer tape
  • Cricut Explore Air II (or a similar machine) and cutting accessories (mat, weeder, scraper)

Download the Bilbo’s burglar marking file (found in the list above) and load it into Circuit Design Space.

Size the file at 6.5 inches tall (or the size of your liking to fit your door). Place your adhesive vinyl on your Cricut mat with the black vinyl side facing up. Prior to cutting your design, be sure to mirror your file. By doing this, you will be able to place your sticker on the inside of your door, but have the front of the file be the correct direction on the outside of your door. After mirroring your file, cut the quote using the vinyl setting on your Cricut, then weed off the extra pieces.

Lay a piece of transfer tape on top of your black vinyl design and use your scraper to press it securely against the pieces.

Carefully pull your burglar marking off of the original white background with it now sticking to the transfer tape. Place your marking on the inside of your door at your desired placement and rub the back of the transfer tape to get the vinyl to stick to the door window which means you can see more here. Remove your transfer tape, leaving the vinyl sticker left on the door – the benefits of energy efficient replacement windows is mentioned here.

And I assure you there is a mark on this door—the usual one in the trade, or used to be. Burglar wants a good job, plenty of Excitement and reasonable Reward, that’s how it is usually read. — The Hobbit

We may not have burglars at this address… but we do have a curious Shiba Inu…

Slowly but surely my patio is turning into a cozy area fit for the Shire. Stay tuned for more fun projects!


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