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I’ve been wishing on all the stars I can find, but so far my dream to visit a Disney park (safely) this year has not come true.

I’ve been missing our magical adventures spent at WDW and Disneyland, so to bring a little magic to our home, I’ve been baking and DIY-ing some Disney-inspired projects.

First up was my Figment-inspired drip cake based on the Journey Into Imagination with Figment attraction at Epcot!

And today, since it was too hot to be outside, I pulled out my paper and Cricut and decided to make a new Disney craft. I’ve had my eye on this Disneyland sign from shopDisneyfor awhile, but instead of spending money on it, I decided to make my own!

For my version, I used nice, textured card stock paper for the letters and the rectangles, and used pieces of adhesive poster mount strips to secure the letters to the rectangles (helping to give them a bit more dimension).

I decided to hang the sign on our refrigerator, so I also added magnets to the back! Overall, my sign is 23.5 inches wide and approximately 5 inches tall (in the tallest areas), but you could totally adjust the sizing to your liking.

I used my Cricut to cut all of my pieces for this project (sizes below), but this is a project you would totally make without a Cricut. Just grab a pair of scissors and a ruler.

Make Your Own Disneyland Magnet Sign

What You Need:

  • Disneyland letters cut out on black card stock paper, sized at 4 in. height — DOWNLOAD
  • 2 gold rectangles cut out on card stock paper, sized at 3.5 in. width by 5 in. height
  • 3 tan rectangles cut out on card stock paper, sized at 2 in. width by 4.25 in. height
  • 5 tan rectangles cut out on card stock paper, sized at 2.125 in width by 3.3 in. height
  • 3 rectangles cut out on green (1), baby blue (1), and royal blue (1), sized at 2 in. width by 4.25 in. height
  • 6 rectangles cut out on black (1), green (1), pink (2), red (1), and royal blue (1)
  • Piece of poster board (any color), sized at 23 in. width by 2 in, height
  • Double-sided tape
  • Regular tape
  • Adhesive poster mount strips
  • Magnets with adhesive backing

First, attach your letters to their corresponding background rectangle using pieces of adhesive poster mount strips (cut your strips into smaller pieces to make it last). The Disneyland capital ‘D’ should be placed on one of the larger gold rectangles and the lowercase ‘d’ should be placed on the baby blue rectangle of the corresponding size. For the remaining letters, attach them to a tan rectangle of a corresponding size.

Next, lay out your remaining color rectangles so that you know where each piece will go. Use the example below as a guide.

Once you have your pieces in order, use double sided tape to attach them to your long piece of poster board.

Tip — make sure the edges of your tan and colored rectangles are lined up and even.

Once your pieces are attached, turn over the sign and tape the back of the pieces together with regular tape.

Lastly, add adhesive magnets along the poster board, if desired. (If your magnets do not have an adhesive side, hot glue the magnet pieces to the poster board.)

And that’s it! Now our kitchen is a bit more magical with this colorful magnet!

Looking for more Disney DIYs, recipes, and news? Visit the Disney section of my blog!


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