3D Printed Dinosaur Bones Necklace

Dinosaurs eat man… woman inherits the earth.

Yep, probably one one of the best Jurassic Park quotes to this day.

Slowly, but surely, I’m growing my 3D printing skills. I am still VERY intimidated by it, but I’m trying to print new projects and grow my experience. (If you’re interested in learning about my 3D printer, you can watch my unboxing video on my YouTube channel.)

This week, I printed a few things… not all successful! But I did print this dinosaur bones necklaces which I love!

Talk about a statement necklace!

Growing up, my family LOVED watching Jurassic Park together. We can practically quote the entire first movie… but it gets a little obnoxious, so we try to restrain ourselves most of the time.

When I found this dinosaur bones necklace on Thingiverse, I knew I had to try printing it! Thank you Simon Smithson for the file!

I love the size and plan to wear this necklace often (as soon as we are allowed to leave the house). Also, since I am new to 3D printing, I don’t have a ton of filament colors. But I do have white, and I was happy that I wouldn’t have to paint this piece!

Find my other 3D printed projects here, including a Game of Thrones hand of the king pin!



  1. Joyce Reese
    July 20, 2020 / 4:37 pm

    Love it!!!!

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