Come Little Children – It’s Time to Play the New Hocus Pocus Board Game from Ravensburger

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It’s officially spooky season at my house! That means pumpkin decor is out, fall-scented candles are lit, warm drinks are always nearby, and Hocus Pocus is playing *often* on the television.

As it’s one of my favorite Halloween films, I was so excited to learn that Ravensburger recently released Hocus Pocus: The Game! AJ and I are always playing boardgames — our collection is larger than I would like to admit — and this game easily claims the cutest packaging of any game we own.

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That’s right, the Hocus Pocus game comes in a book-shaped box… and that in itself is a selling factor for me!

Before we geared up for our game night, of course, I planned a new themed snack for us — Sanderson Sisters cupcakes with DIY cupcake wrappers!

Say hello to Winnie, Sarah, and Mary.

We hosted a small, but magical, gathering and invited our friend over to try out the Hocus Pocus game, and it did not disappoint! If you are a fan of Hocus Pocus like I am, you will love all of the movie references included in this game!

From the Sanderson Sisters’ spell cards to the potion ingredients, cauldron board, and game tokens — Hocus Pocus fans are going to freak out over every piece.

Also, prepare yourself… you’re going to be quoting and imitating the Sanderson Sisters the entire game, how can you not with cards like ‘Come Little Children’ and ‘Calming Circle’?!

Playing the Game

After the Black Flame Candle has been lit (you should have been more cautious!), you and your friends must work together to outwit the Sanderson Sisters before dawn. Play ingredients from your hand to ruin Winnie, Mary, and Sarah’s potion — or else they will suck the lives from the children of Salem!

Add ingredients to the potion with the goal of matching your ingredients by color or type. For example, a dead man’s toe! (You know you said that in Sarah’s voice!)

Once your potion has a matching color or type of ingredient, you stun a witch and are one step closer to beating the Sanderson Sisters before dawn!

Of course, the Sanderson Sisters aren’t going to just sit by and let you ruin their potion. They’ll be casting spells that wreak havoc, so watch out!

If you get into trouble, you do have some helpful allies to come to your rescue, including Binx and Billy Butcherson.

Who Should Play This Game

This game is a must-play for fans of the movie. But even if you’re not as familiar with the source material, it’s still a fun game to play with friends.

Setup is easy and the total game time is estimated to be 30 minutes. Also, this game is totally doable for kids and is recommended for ages 8 and up.

Grab your salt (just in case!), prepare your Sanderson Sister cupcakes, decorate your boooOOOoook brownies, and get ready to head to Salem.

It’s time to play Hocus Pocus — the game!

—> Find Hocus Pocus: The Game from Ravensburger on Amazon


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