The Best Holidate Movie Quotes

I’ve officially started watching Christmas movies! Well, in my opinion, Holidate is an all-year-long movie, but regardless, I’m ready for snow, hot chocolate, and twinkling lights.

Read my spoiler-free movie review for Netflix’s new him Holidate, available now to stream, and browse some hilarious movie quotes below!

Netlfix’s Holidate — The Best and Funniest Movie Quotes!

Your Aunt Susan brought the mall Santa home and your nephew just pooped in the manger. — Elaine // It was a tiny poop and he moved the Baby Jesus first. — Abby

I could never date a professional clown. I’d never sleep. — Sloane

Stop being a baby. We can put the leaf in. — Abby // No, thank you. I prefer the singles table. — Sloane

What makes you think I don’t have a job? — Jackson // You’re at the mall on a Wednesday, returning slacker pants. — Sloane

Hey, if it’s any consolation, I spent my holiday in an ugly Christmas sweater, sipping cocktails with a room full of people who I think were in a cult. — Jackson

I am done casually dating on the holidays. There’s way too much pressure, it’s ridiculous. — Jackson

She doesn’t need another friend. She needs a husband. A partner. Someone who is legally bound to be there during the chemo. — Elaine

Guys don’t get other guys shams. — Jackson


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