Learning to Sew! And Making a Slytherin-Esque Gathered Skirt

I feel pretty proud of myself right now because I learned how to sew! I won’t be on Project Runway anytime soon, but I did make a set of Hocus Pocus cloth napkins and a Slytherin-esque gathered skirt in one weekend… so, I’m on my way. 🙂

After weeks of binge watching Rachel Maksy and Micarah Tewers on YouTube, I decided to take the plunge and ask for a sewing machine for Christmas. And since quarantine life requires new at-home activities, Santa (aka AJ) came early and gave me this amazing gift.

Side note – AJ gives the best gifts. I’m so lucky that he fuels my creative passions and dreams! He also started me on my Cricut and 3D printing projects!

Sewing Tutorial Videos I Recommend

If you’re interested in learning to sew or need help getting started, I HIGHLY recommend the following tutorial videos from Gretchen Hirsch.

First, this “Learn How to Sew” video for beginners gives a great overview of the standard features on your sewing machine. It also includes an easy tutorial to make cloth napkins. I know this project might not sound that exciting, but it was very helpful for me as I got comfortable with my machine, It features tips on pressing seams, stitching guide lines, and more.

Next, I moved on to this tutorial to make a gathered skirt where Gertie (we’re on a nickname basis after spending so much time together) shows you how to make (and customize) your own pattern! I know starting with a skirt as my second project may seem a little ambitious, but I really enjoyed this tutorial. Not only did I learn how to make my own pattern for this project, but I also learned how and when to use interfacing, how to add a zipper, how to change my presser foot, and a great tip for gathering the waist of your skirt.

If you can’t tell, I’m a Gertie fan! I highly recommend these two sewing videos for beginners, and I can’t wait to check out some of the other projects and tutorials that Gertie offers on her YouTube and Patreon.

Capturing Slytherin Prefect Vibes with an Easy-to-Sew Gathered Skirt

When I was picking out fabric for my gathered skirt, I really wanted something that gave off holiday vibes and I was drawn to the red and green plaid fabrics. I went with the green because I think subconsciously I was drawn to it’s somewhat vintage Slytherin aesthetic.

I don’t mind. I am a Slytherin after all — and a prefect at that!

Here’s my finished product and my first homemade skirt.

Picture prefect, right?

I love how this gathered-waist skirt came together. It reminds me of a fit-and-flare style that I gravitate to in dresses. I think I will also try making it again (now that I’ve made my own pattern), but try it with other fabrics and lengths.

I can’t wait to try out more sewing projects! Stay tuned to see what geeky creations I attempt next.


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