DIY No-Sew Momo Sock Toy from Avatar: The Last Airbender

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The weather is getting cooler, the days are getting shorter, and I just want to be warm and cozy! That said, fuzzy, warm socks are a must-have for this time of year!

Cozy socks, like these Momo and Appa socks from BoxLunch, aren’t just nice to wear this time of year, but they also make a great material for no-sew sock toys! Inspired by Avatar: The Last Airbender and the All About the Animals campaign, I’m sharing an easy tutorial to make a cute no-sew Momo sock toy.

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Make Your Own No-Sew ‘Momo’ Sock Toy – Inspired by Avatar: The Last Airbender


  • Two white boot socks
  • One light brown boot sock
  • One dark brown boot sock
  • Two green buttons
  • Fabric scissors
  • Polyester stuffing fill
  • Fabric glue or hot glue
  • Black permanent marker
  • Four clear elastic hair ties


  1. Starting with one white sock, place two small balls of stuffing (about 1.5 inches each in size) in the toe of the sock. Place an elastic hair tie around the outside of each stuffing ball to secure in place as Momo’s feet. 
  2. Stuff the next section of the sock with stuffing to create a body that is about 5 inches tall. At the top of this section, place an elastic hair tie around the outside of the sock to secure the body in place.
  3. To create Momo’s head, place a large ball of stuffing (about 3 inches in height) in the sock. Place an elastic hair tie around the outside of the sock to secure the head in place.
  4. With the remaining length of sock, use scissors to cut down the middle from the hole of the sock to the top of Momo’s head, leaving two halves of material to be made into ears. Determine the length for Momo’s ears and trim the excess material accordingly.
  5. Next, cut pieces of light and dark brown sock material into 1×2 inch rectangular pieces. To make the inside of Momo’s ears, carefully glue the pieces together by alternating colors and overlapping the long edges to create a combined piece of material that is just smaller than Momo’s ear. Let dry and repeat the process to create the same design for the second ear.
  6. Use scissors and trim the striped material pieces into almond shapes with a point at each end. Next, use glue to secure the almond-shaped, striped inner ears to the center of each white ear. 
  7. Trim away any excess white material from each ear, or use glue to secure the excess as a border around each ear to clean up the look of the edges. Let dry.
  8. With light brown sock material, cut out the shape of a small heart for Momo’s face (about 2 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide). Glue the piece in the center of the white head. Then, glue two green buttons on the face for Momo’s eyes and use a permanent black marker to draw the nose and mouth.
  9. Cut out a long strip of light brown sock material and glue it onto Momo’s body to accent the shape of his torso, wrapping up and around from the bottom of his left foot to his head and back down to his right foot. Let dry.
  10. For Momo’s wings, use the second white sock to cut a long piece of fabric (about 10 inches wide and 4 inches tall). Trim off any excess fabric to make the wings sloped and pointed on either end.
  11. Use thin, long strips of light brown sock material to create Momo’s arms at the top of his wings and the veins in the center of his wings. Glue in place and let dry. 
  12. Once complete, glue the center of the wings to Momo’s back to secure in place.
  13. Cut out a long strip of light brown sock material (about 12 inches in length) with the shape of an arrow head on one end. Glue the top of the arrow head onto the back of Momo’s head and glue the remaining strip of material down the center of Momo’s back and wings. Let the excess fabric dangle freely for Momo’s tail. 


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