Rey’s Ahch-To Outfit from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

It’s no secret that Rey is one of my favorite Star Wars characters. She’s strong, fierce, persistent, and more than that, she’s kind. (Plus, I love her signature hair.)

Last Halloween, my family dressed up as Rey, Kylo Ren, and Chewbacca, and while our costumes were on the casual side with our themed Musterbrand sweaters, I loved our looks because we could (and do!) wear them on a regular fall day, too. (Okay, maybe we don’t wear the Kylo mask or the Chewbacca suit, but the Musterband sweaters are a must.)

This summer when we first visited Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland in California, I was awe-struck at all of the new Star Wars merchandise that is ONLY available on Batuu! We were walking through the market in Black Spire Outpost — the village located on Batuu with tons of eclectic food and drinks, collectibles, and immersive experiences —  and my eyes immediately were drawn to a clothing shop, Black Spire Outfitters, off the main walk. I pulled my husband inside because I knew there was something special in there for me — it was like the force was calling me or something…

Inside we found some amazing Star Wars apparel for Padawans, Jedi, and Sith alike. There were traditional Jedi and Sith robes and tunics (both over tunics and under tunics) — for adults and children — and the material and quality was great. While you may order similar imitation items from a costume store, these items found at the Black Spire Outfitters were the real deal.

At this apparel store there was also an entire section inspired by Rey! When I saw this, I’m sure I had a gawking expression on my face. Pictured below are some of the amazing Rey items found in the merchant’s shop, including Rey’s outfit (when she fights Snoke and the Praetorian Guards) for kids ($79.99), and for adults, Rey’s Ahch-To cream sleeveless tunic ($49.99), Rey’s Ahch-To vest ($59.99), Rey’s arm wraps ($19.99), and Rey’s leather belt ($49.99 — not pictured).

Before I knew it I had Rey’s sleeveless tunic and vest in my hands. I HAD to have them. 

Like I mentioned previously, none of these items are available outside of Galaxy’s Edge (not even in other sections of the parks) and they cannot currently be found online.

The quality of the items is also terrific. I’ve bought a lot of fandom apparel from various companies and it is not all created equal. These items, however, have quality fabrics and structure to the pieces (find close ups below). While the prices may be on the higher side when you total them, they are of a similar price point that I would pay for similar items at home (a fall vest, for example).

I love the sleeveless tunic and vest because I plan to include them in my everyday wardrobe, even for work! While I may not always wear the two items together, I plan to wear the vest this fall with a long sleeve solid, and I’ve already worn the tank top to my office (with several compliments from those who had NO idea it was a Star Wars shirt — mission accomplished).

Of course, I plan to wear my Rey outfit to the parks when I return to Galaxy’s Edge (at least, when I return and it’s not 90+ degrees out like my last trip), but I’m just as excited to wear the pieces, together and separately, this fall.

Here’s how I styled Rey’s look for a recent force-filled photo session:

1 — Rey hair buns, a must!

2 — Rey vest and sleeveless tunic from Galaxy’s Edge.

3 — Leather belt that I previously owned (I did not purchase Rey’s leather belt… yet).

4 — Dark cargo stretch pants.

5 — Boots by Dr. Martens.

6 — The perfect accessory — Rey’s LIGHTSABER!

Honestly, I wish I could wear my hair in a Rey-hawk every day.

Oh, and did I mention I also picked up a replica Rey lightsaber from Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities?! Read my post detailing our experience shopping unique galactic artifacts from the legendary antiquities dealer.


Special thanks to my gifted sister-in-law Marin for taking these photos and for making me feel like a Jedi. 


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  1. September 22, 2019 / 6:19 pm

    You look fantastic! And your photos turned out great.

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